Photo illustration by the lead singer of Devo, Ben Park.

A T-Shirt to Show You Know American Music Festivals Are Trash

Public Image Ltd is going on tour, and this t-shirt celebrates the kind of quality concert that Americans could never appreciate.

by Chris Black
Jun 5 2018, 3:57pm

Photo illustration by the lead singer of Devo, Ben Park.

Did you know that English punk icon Johnny Rotten was almost the lead singer of Devo? After the Sex Pistols broke up he went to Jamaica with Richard Branson (LOL), who tried to get him to join Devo; mercifully, they couldn’t come to terms. Thank God, because if he had linked up those dweebs, we would have never gotten Public Image Ltd, aka PiL. The group’s second album, Metal Box, is an avant-garde dub-inspired post-punk masterpiece. Here they are performing “Death Disco” on Top of The Pops in 1979. So cool.

Presumably in need of cash, the lads have gotten the band back together and are embarking on a 36-date tour of the UK, Europe, and Japan. They’re skipping America because our country has terrible taste and would rather put on a tie-dye headdress and watch Chance The Rapper and Florida Georgia Line headline a festival than see these challenging legends. Anyway, PiL teamed up with London’s Goodhood for a fun capsule collection. My favorite piece is a pure white long-sleeve that features the timeless PiL logo on the chest, with all of their song titles listed on the sleeve. Real heads will respect your excellent taste and the sleeves as an IRL PiL entry, a real win/win.

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