The Most Hardcore Pastel T-Shirt ****Ever****

Fun and aggressive—just like hardcore music!

Mar 14 2018, 1:49pm

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably know that I grew up heavily involved in the hardcore scene. From a very young age, I went to see aggressive music in church basements, people’s kitchens, college campuses, and even some more traditional venues. It was very formative: I was exposed to frank discussions about real issues like homophobia, race, and gender. I was also exposed to…fire merch!

Hardcore bands paid a lot of attention to their merchandise. They didn’t have a choice; it was their primary source of income on tour. And almost everything that is hot in streetwear today can be traced back to the Revelation Records online store. Sleeve printing, Champion everything, stickers with every order are all pillars of today's merch-heavy streetwear world.

This tradition continues to the present day. Turnstile is a new era hardcore band that is receiving fantastic press around their new album. For the heads, it sort of sounds like Quicksand with By The Grace Of God vocals. In classic hardcore fashion, Turnstile has A+ merch. To celebrate the release of their new album Time & Space, they collaborated with Julian Consuegra, owner of the brand Stray Rats. The Turnstile t-shirt is yellow with just a dash of pink—fun and aggressive, just like the music! It is a label exclusive and is only being sold via album bundles at the moment. Wearing this t-shirt like will take me right back to moshing in a sweaty basement. To be young!

(Editor’s note: wow, Chris actually told us where to buy something! We’re one step closer to just being Chris!)