Nicki, Cardi and designer Jeremy Scott at the 2018 Met Ball. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/MG18/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)

Every Fashion Brand Involved In Cardi B And Nicki Minaj’s Beef

GARAGE presents your guide to the clash of the impeccably dressed rap titans.

by Emma Specter
Oct 31 2018, 4:57pm

Nicki, Cardi and designer Jeremy Scott at the 2018 Met Ball. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/MG18/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue)

Group chats exploded en masse this September, when Cardi B hurled the shoe heard ’round the world at Nicki Minaj during a New York Fashion Week party, constituting one of the greatest musical brawls since Courtney Love whipped a compact at Madonna.

Ever since, the two rap goddesses have been embroiled in a bitter rivalry that’s proliferated through Instagram stories, radio interviews, and angry allegations aplenty, all filtered through the lens of—what else?—fashion. Below, find a guide to the major labels that have punctuated Cardi and Nicki’s feud from its earliest days.

Elie Saab

Photo via TMZ.

On the fateful night of the Cardi v. Nicki shoe-throwing incident at New York Fashion Week, the shoe in question was designed by none other than Elie Saab.

Dolce & Gabbana

Cardi's voluminous scarlet gown on the night of Shoe-Gate almost seemed like a indicator of things to come. After all, how could things not go sideways in a dress that dramatic? The dress got ripped during the fight, but Cardi sat front row at the Dolce & Gabbana show anyway, because all press is good press.

Fashion Nova

Nicki claimed on Twitter that Cardi’s forthcoming collaboration with Fashion Nova (which the rapper has referred to as “so corporate and poppin”) was originally offered to her, boldly claiming, “Poor baby has no idea fashion nova asked me to do that deal she had for over a year.” Cardi ~clapped back~, posting in an Instagram caption, “oh and by the way sis everyone has fashion nova deal.” Damn. Maybe Fashion Nova is the real loser here?


Cardi cast aspersions on Nicki’s status as the (somewhat ironic) face of Diesel’s anti-bullying “Hate” campaign, claiming in her now-infamous Instagram story, “That Diesel deal that you got? Yeah that came to me first. And I had to decline it because I’m already working with fashion brands, which, y’all are going to see because it's more than Fashion Nova.” Not to be outdone, Nicki roped in Wilhelmina modeling agency CEO Bill Wackermann, who cast the Diesel campaign, to confirm that no such offer was made to Cardi.

Steve Madden

Never one to shy away from controversy, designer Steve Madden—whom Bossip memorably deemed a “parched pump peddler”—jumped in on the beef after Nicki claimed that she and Cardi were both offered deals by the brand, saying on Twitter that he never offered Nicki an endorsement deal and requesting that she #StopLying. Nicki responded in her own inimitable fashion, inviting Madden to “eat a dick” and claiming that she declined the chance to work together because “the shoes were ugly.”

Cardi and Nicki appear to have tentatively quashed their beef for now, but given the prolific nature of both rappers’ fashion collaborations, we’re guessing it won’t be long before we're updating this post with their latest haute couture-related squabble. Watch this space, folks!

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