SZA at Coachella 2018. Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images for Coachella

Fashion Horoscopes: The Signs as SZA Songs

What’s more Aries than a SZA/Cardi B collaboration about doing whatever you want?

by Courtney Perkins
Jul 12 2018, 6:23pm

SZA at Coachella 2018. Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images for Coachella

Welcome to another round of Aesthetic Horoscopes by Courtney Perkins, she of @NotAllGeminis! Today, the signs are cast as songs by inimitable Scorpio queen Solána Imani Rowe, a.k.a SZA. Listen through to find metaphysical guidance in your sun sign’s SZA anthem.

Aries: “Prom,” plus “I Do” feat. SZA by Cardi B

Most Aries lyric: “Please don’t take it personal, like I know you usually do.”

Aries is often referred to as the baby of the zodiac, not only because they’re the first sign—they’re also impatient, and they tend to have impulsive, passionate reactions. Yet, within Aries is a leader that longs to be taken seriously. In “Prom,” SZA meditates on the fear that she’s not maturing fast enough and is choosing living in the present over preparing for her future, begging her partner not to take it to heart. Aries can also be brash and unintentionally hurt others’ feelings when all they aimed to do was express themselves, and often find themselves asking, “Please don’t take it personal.” Don’t worry, Aries! You’re doing just fine. As you age, everyone’s just going to be jealous of your youthful attitude.

Bonus: SZA’s feature on Cardi B’s song “I Do.” I mean, come on. “I do what I like, I do, I do.” What’s more Aries than that?

Taurus: “Warm Winds”

Most Taurus lyric: “Show me a better way, I wish you could / Show me a better way, I wish you would / Come home today / You could come home today”

Taurus is a lover ruled by Venus, but also an earth sign that adjusts to change very slowly. They take breakups very hard, and often stay in relationships longer than they should due to their unwavering commitment. They are patient and stubborn, and that can make for a lover that doesn’t quit, even when they should. In “Warm Winds,” SZA talks about the phases of a breakup she didn’t want. Yet in the outro, she gives excellent advice to the Taureans who struggle to let go: “Quit clipping your wings. Sometimes we hate to leave somebody.”

Gemini: “Normal Girl”

Most Gemini lyric: “Wish I was the type of girl you take over to mama / The type of girl, I know my daddy, he'd be proud of.”

Because Gemini is such a fun-loving, social sign, they often suffer the same insecurity as Aries: they’ll never be taken seriously. Gemini—in Latin, the name means “the twins”—is known for their duality, and while one twin wants to stay out all night partying with their friends, the other twin is upset in the morning that romantic partners can’t recognize that there is a “normal” person within them. Half the time, they enjoy being messy, gossiping, and changing their minds at every impulse, there is a part of them that truly hurts when they find themselves overlooked in more serious matters: job opportunities, who you cuff vs. who you fuck, whose opinion you trust. Ultimately, Gemini just wants to be a normal girl—who also happens to be a super special genius.

Cancer: “Go Gina”

Most Cancer lyric: “To be real is to be real, it's probably true what they say about me. Probably came from my inner circle. It usually come from your inner circle, or lack thereof, and I don't know who I can trust.”

Cancer is a sweet, honest, sensitive homebody, but on the inside, they’re a crab that clutches hard to the people they love and strives so hard for security that they can be mistrustful. They tend to be very private, consistent people, no matter how extroverted they may seem. “Go Gina” includes many classic Cancer values: feeling jaded when hurt by your inner circle, high friends (you know Cancer’s homebody ass is stoned on the couch), needing to be pulled out of your shell, and a mind-your-business mentality. So go get your get-right, Cancer.

Leo: “Drew Barrymore”

Most Leo lyric: “You came with your new friends and her mom jeans and her new Vans and she’s perfect and I hate it. Oh so glad you made it.”

Leo is often mistakenly identified as a sign of egoism, but in truth, Leo is an insecure sign that needs praise to reassure them. They’re the definition of “fake it ’til you make it,” when it comes to the confidence that they project to the outside world. In “Drew Barrymore,” SZA attends a party in hopes of seeing a guy, and finds that he’s brought another girl, which shakes her world and sends her into a tailspin of comparison—the ultimate Leo nightmare. Leos’ true fears are embarrassment, insults to their pride, and getting overwhelmed by their need to be the best. In “Drew Barrymore,” SZA has been bested—left to smoke weed, watch Narcos, and pretend not to care.

Virgo: “20 Something”

Most Virgo lyric: “How could it be? 20 something, all alone still, not a thing in my name. Ain’t got nothin’, runnin’ from love, only know fear.”

Is there any bigger Virgo nightmare than feeling out of control? Virgos have a strong need to feel they understand their lives. They’re perfectionists with a strong desire to succeed and be on top of things. They care about their work, their goals, manners, and the way they come off to the world—and tend to harbor nervousness about these matters. In “20 Something,” SZA talks about the fear that she hasn’t accomplished enough for her age, despite being so young. (She turned 27 last November.) Virgos often put too much pressure on themselves to achieve, and the lyrics of this song sound like the internal monologue of a Virgo in an anxiety rut. What they probably don’t realize is that Virgos are usually high achievers by nature, and need to value what they contribute to the world! Virgo, chill. You probably have some accomplishments to your name.

Libra: “Supermodel”

Most Libra lyric: “I could be your supermodel if you believe. If you see it in me, see it in me, see it in me—I don’t see myself. Why I can’t stay alone just by myself? Wish I was comfortable just with myself, but I need you, but I need you, but I need you.”

As the sign of partnerships, Libra is your friend who has never not had a crush/been single in their life. They’re ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, so naturally they’re obsessed with affection; at the end of the day, all they want is to be loved. Yet they suffer from codependency. At best, Libras use their empathy to accommodate what the people around them need at the moment, but at their worst, they lose themselves and end up catering to everyone around them. SZA channels Libra energy in this song with a petty first verse revealing that she shouldn’t have been underestimated to begin with, but switches it up in the chorus when she confesses that she acted out because she felt insecure and vulnerable without reassurance from a romantic partner. Do a good deed today and text a Libra that they’re pretty.

Scorpio: “Quicksand”

Most Scorpio lyric: “Darling, you make it too hard to trust. You keep running from me. I’m scared of love—make it easy for me.”

Honorary mention: “Should I assume you didn’t mean it like that? Or should I assume you know exactly how you said it? You know exactly how you meant it.”

In their daily life, Scorpio is a bad bitch who is not to be trifled with. In love, Scorpio is terrified of vulnerability and fears trusting others because that would mean giving them the ability to break Scorpio’s heart. They’re deeply analytical, read into everything, and need “CTRL” in the relationship to feel okay. The first verse of this song sounds like a series of questions in the rabbit hole of a Scorpio’s mind as they evaluate their partner’s most insignificant facial expressions, while the chorus gives way to a more open description of SZA’s reasoning for doing so—a fear of love!

Bonus: SZA herself is a Scorpio, which makes so much sense with her sultry, emotional songs.

Sagittarius: “Broken Clocks”

Most Sagittarius lyric: “Better day than yesterday / I just take it day by day / Never hearing what they say / I just do it my way.”

Sagittarius is a headstrong sign. They’re bold, and feel strongly about their opinions. While they are adaptable to their environments, they have a strong sense of conviction to their beliefs. Yet Sagittarius is also a sign that delights in change and new ideas. Sometimes this can lead to irresponsibility; they can be quick to drop projects midway through, when they get excited about a new opportunity. Many a Sagittarius will resonate with SZA’s lyric “Run fast from my day job, runnin’ fast from the way it was.”

Capricorn: “Anything”

Most Capricorn lyric: “Maybe I should kill my inhibition. Maybe I’ll be perfect in a new dimension. Maybe I should pray a little harder, or work a little smarter.”

Capricorn is an ambitious perfectionist that can sometimes lose themselves to pessimism and harsh self-critique. They’re an aspirational sign that continually strives to be a well-respected, contributing member of society. They work hard, and are very conscious of their effect on others. But they can also be shy and introverted, which sometimes leads to dark thoughts and a strong need to be alone. At the end of “Anything,” SZA suffers the nagging thought that she is insignificant to her love interest, repeatedly saying, “Do, do you even know I’m alive?” As Capricorn is a cardinal sign known for their leadership and alpha quality, they would take it to heart if they felt like they were being ignored.

Aquarius: “Child’s Play”

Most Aquarius lyric: “Fuck reality, do you want to know, know me? Do you want to know me?”

First of all, I know Aquarians are loving that they’re one of the signs that isn’t getting a song off “CTRL.” They’re going to feel SO different because of that.

Aquarius is a sign that can be difficult to get to know. They spend a lot of time thinking, but not a lot of time sharing what they’re feeling with others. They’re true individualists who can self-sustain without becoming overly emotional in public. But of course they have feelings; it’s just that their fear of burdening others or killing the mood often stops them from speaking about them. What they truly want is to find someone with whom they feel comfortable talking about their emotions—someone who really wants to know them and is willing to put in the effort when they feel overwhelmed. In “Child’s Play,” SZA loses herself in fantasy and recalls the innocence of childhood.

Pisces: “Garden (Say It Like Dat)”

Most Pisces lyric: “Can you remind me of my gravity? Ground me when I’m tumbling’, spiraling’, plummetin’ down to Earth. You keep me down to Earth.”

Pisces is a soft-hearted, sensitive, loving sign that, at worst, suffers with lack of confidence and escapism from the real world. ”Garden“ is a love song for the insecure. In it, SZA talks about a need for her partner to ground her and call her on her bullshit; no one is more prone to losing themselves in their thoughts than a Pisces. Additionally, Pisces often struggles to love themselves in the way they so easily love others. SZA sings about her fears that this person will never love her, can never know who she really is, and that they’d rather be with someone else—all classic Pisces fears. This is also one of the softest, most romantic, and most vulnerable songs on the album, which is the same role Pisces plays in the zodiac.