Fashion Horoscopes: The Signs As Kacey Musgraves Looks

You are all our golden hours!

by Courtney Perkins
Aug 21 2019, 5:53pm

Via @kaceymusgraves Twitter

ARIES: In Valentino at the 2019 Grammys

• Won four Grammys that night = Aries’ trademark "All I Do Is Win" energy.
• Wearing Aries’ power color, red.
• Short dress, not a gown, in the event that she needs to move around, run away, dance, etc.
• Lookin’ like a lil fireball.

TAURUS: In Versace at the Vanity Fair Oscars Party

• Va va voom!
• Earth tones, but make it sexy.
• The sign perpetually described as “sensual.”
• Nose ring still in, like a damn bull (even though Taureans typically prefer the hoop to the stud).

GEMINI: In Versace (again) at the iHeart Radio Music Awards

• Air sign? More like aerial performance!
• Kacey performed “Rainbow” on a hanging swing in this ’fit.
• Yellow is Gemini’s power color - cheery and bright!
• Positivity anthem for astrology’s optimist

CANCER: At the Houston Rodeo in a Michael Kors white lace jumpsuit

• Back in her home state of Texas, can I get a yee haw?
• Cancerians always feel happiest at home.
• Paying homage to one of the greats, Selena Quintanilla, with “Como La Flor” = Cancerians are respectful, nostalgic, and often gravitate towards the past.
• Romantic lace, with a funky twist.
• Sorry I’m from Austin I’m legally required to write that.

LEO: As Barbie In Moschino by Jeremy Scott at the Met Gala / In Balmain Orange Fringe at Coachella
I couldn’t choose just one! Kacey Musgraves is a Leo queen with far too many incredible looks to narrow down, and she still has so much left to do in her career! She’s so talented! Okay anyways!

• Absolutely crushed the theme = Leos go above and beyond.
• Over the top FABULOUS.
• Is this glamping l o l
• Stay mad, Libras.

• Fringe is perfect for dramatic whirling around.
• Every person in the crowd can see these moves because there’s a damn reverb effect.
• Orange is your power color, y’know, like the sun.
• I didn’t say fuckin’ yee.

VIRGO: In Valentino on the 2019 Grammys red carpet

• Simple, but ethereal.
• This description also matches your Virgo friend who seems extremely normal at work but could actually heal your wounds with ground-up herbs in a Lost situation like a damn witch.
• Top of the bodice is an homage to the fan on her Golden Hour album cover = Virgos always have to sneak work talk into the party smh.
• Delicate like a Virgo’s sensibilities.

LIBRA: In Giambattista Valli at the 2019 Academy Awards

• Pretty in pink!
• As fluffy and romantic as it gets, just like your fluffy, romantic heart.
• Princess dress for the high maintenance one.
• Libras only attend events worthy of their time - see: The Fucking Oscars.

SCORPIO: At the 2019 MusiCares Gala in J.Mendel

• Striking!!! Drama!!!
• Metallic, which reminds me that Scorpios are always described as “magnetic”
• Was Person of the Year at this event = a Scorpio always leaves an impression
• Baby don’t you know? You’re my golden hour

SAGITTARIUS: In Juicy Couture at the C2C Country to Country Festival

Kacey Musgraves performs at the C2C Country to Country Festival
Photo by Burak Cingi/Redferns

• A purple fur coat with sparkly striped pants? Looking like a fucking rock star.
• Bold colors for the most outspoken sign.
• A tour outfit, so you know she was PROJECTING in it, the way you can always hear a Sagittarian’s voice in a room.
• Big coat for your wintery birthday.

CAPRICORN: 2018 CMA Awards in sheer Versace

• Tailored! Sharp! Sleek! Chic!
• Did not come to play.
• Power suit, but individualized.
• A little bit dark, a little bit spark(ly).

AQUARIUS: In a Christian Cowan tie-dye suit at the ACM Awards

• Honestly? Revolutionary!
• One of the most unique outfits I’ve ever seen at an awards show = Aquarius always stands out, and is never boring.
• Magical shimmering side pleats make this an interesting look from multiple angles, which is clutch, because Aquarians always look at things from multiple angles.
• Fresh! Original! New!

PISCES: At the 2016 CMA Awards in Christian Siriano

• Light purple poof for your sweet, sensitive heart—but make it goth with the dark lip and slicked back hair.
• Pisces’ kindness does not make them simple! They carry heavy emotions around! And I’m using Kacey Musgraves’ deep purple lipstick to visualize that!
• A Pisces always adds depth to dreamy romance!

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