Photograph by Mat Howard for Getty Images.

I Would Pay $40,000 to See Scott Disick in This $40,000 Balmain Men’s Jacket

Balmain has a super glitzy item in their pre-collection, and we know just the man to pull it off.

by Rachel Tashjian
Dec 12 2017, 4:00pm

Photograph by Mat Howard for Getty Images.

Balmain never ceases to dazzle. Usually I’m talking about designer Olivier Rousteing’s insatiable appetite for sequins (yeah, maybe he eats sequins), but today that has added meaning: a $40,000 men’s baseball jacket embroidered with black, silver, red, and blue crystals that reads “Balmain Army” on the back.

“When it was completed, it was like Christmas, it was like, ‘It’s done, it’s exactly what I wanted,’” Rousteing told Women’s Wear Daily during a press preview on Monday. The jacket is a part of the men’s pre-collection, the house’s first, and is considered a “couture” item.

Who will wear this garment, which apparently took two months to make, and costs about the same as a year at a fancy Manhattan private school, 2.35 Bitcoins, this painting of a wealthy horticulturist who chilled with Founding Fathers, or the average cost of a new Lexus RX 350, if you plan to take advantage of the December to Remember Sales Event?

After viewing yesterday’s award-winning episode of Sneaker Shopping featuring Scott Disick, in which the Lord himself spends $15,307.18 on a jillion sneakers and a Supreme x Louis Vuitton washed denim parka, I think we have our answer. Disick is Kardashian-adjacent, meaning he’s already aligned with the Balmain army, and he perfectly channels (and perhaps even originated) that upscale-Ed Hardy-party-boy style. Forget Disick’s rumor-drenched love life: Disick and this jacket would be the world’s most iconic duo.

So desperate am I for Disick to appear in this jacket, in fact, that I would consider paying 40,000 of my own dollars to see him in it. I’m not saying I would buy it for him—I’m saying I would shell out money just for the experience. (I am a millennial, after all.)

“You’ll notice I only have one car, one watch—I’m a very down-to-earth guy,” Disick told Complex.

It’s logic fashion freaks have been using for decades now: it may be obscenely expensive, but it’s the only one I have. Let’s make Disick a one-jacket man!

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