Another incredible outing from Ben Park.

This T-Shirt Will Keep Algorithms From Destroying Your Taste in Music

Sid Mashburn will help you show the world you don't let a computer control your #moods.

by Chris Black
Apr 10 2018, 3:24pm

Another incredible outing from Ben Park.

Terrestrial radio still holds a very special place in my heart. Although it has been all but replaced by Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and podcasts, I think fondly of the formative years I spent glued to the radio in my teenage bedroom listening to 99x, the local alternative station. They played a lot forgettable Gen X trash—Crash Test Dummies, anyone?—but they would occasionally mix in New Order, The Pixies, or Breeders to keep a punk-leaning teenager like myself tuned in.

We now live in a playlist-based society where algorithms and “moods” dictate the music that is shown to us. Call me old-fashioned, but I preferred when songs were played six times an hour because a program director was given a Barbados vacation by a major label radio department. Payola is much cooler than a playlist called “Move On & Don’t Look Back.” Luckily, I am not the only person who longs for a simpler time when musical choices were a little more limited, when I was Young & Free and didn’t need an anonymous engineer to tell me how to Walk Like a Badass.

Enter legendary Atlanta-based designer and retailer Sid Mashburn. You are probably familiar with Sid’s effortless modern tailoring; in a lot of ways, his approach to clothing is, well, analog. So it makes sense that Sid, a music fan with impeccable taste, would have an all-vinyl AM radio show. If you tune into Atlanta’s AM 1690 Voice of the Arts every Wednesday night, the Sid Mashburn Radio Hour (WSID) airs during drive time, 5pm-6pm. If you, like me, live in New York City, you can listen weekly on Soundcloud. And if you, like me, want to show your true fandom, you can cop a WSID logo t-shirt. Just like AM radio, it has a classic and familiar feel. It lets people know that I want a real tastemaker to choose my tunes, not a computer-generated algorithm. Long live the dial baby!

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