A Brief Interview With This Chanel Surfboard

We caught up with the board in between hitting the waves and the Juul.

by Emma Specter
Mar 1 2019, 4:45pm

Chanel's list of SS19 drops includes some fairly major extreme-sports accessories ahead of Lagerfeld's much-anticipated last show, including a $7,700 skateboard and $8,900 surfboard. I know what you're thinking—who spends almost 9K on a board that's going to get salt-sprayed, Mr. Zog's Sex Wax-stained and ultimately end up leaning against a garage wall in perpetuity, covered in oceanic flora like the barnacle bike they dredged out of the Hudson? Luckily, GARAGE was able to grab a few moments with the surfboard, to better understand its allure.

GARAGE: Your Raya profile describes you as having a "Silicon Valley mind, Venice Beach soul." What does that mean, exactly?

SURFBOARD: It just means that, like, my brain is always working—I went to USC Film, and they really taught us to, like, engage—but ever since I moved to L.A., I've really started embracing the value of just being present. Like, I was getting brunch at Cafe Gratitude the other day, and my Japanese yams and tempeh wrap were taking forever, but I just pulled out my Headspace app and went with it, you know?

GARAGE: So are you an app entrepreneur?

SURFBOARD: No, not technically—although I do have a list of ideas. Right now I guess you could say I'm "in advertorial."

GARAGE: What are your favorite surf spots around L.A.?

SURFBOARD: Oh, man, Topanga State Beach is great for just kicking back in the waves with your boys. Venice? Also great for kicking back in the waves with your boys. But you know where I really love to kick back in the waves with my boys, is Leo Carillo State Beach. Really monster swells.

GARAGE: I'm hearing that you spend a lot of time with your boys.

SURFBOARD: Absolutely, absolutely. What can I say, it gets lonely in my all-glass, aggressively mod palace on the Venice Canals. Sometimes I just need to pack my Tumi duffel and book it to my friend's place in Silverlake, hit up Tenants of the Trees, Zebulon, you know, get a little taste of that East Side lyfe. Overall, though, I have to say, living West is so much better for my mental health—and my art.

GARAGE: What kind of art do you make?

SURFBOARD: Right now I guess you could say I'm in kind of a Spiral Jetty phase—a lot of found objects from the beach. Like, the other day I was getting off the 405 and I almost drove across a kid's sand bucket with a condom wrapper in it, and I was just, like, whoa. I had to go get a juice and just, decompress.

GARAGE: Do you think of yourself as a health nut?

SURFBOARD: Oh, absolutely. Like, the body is connected to the mind, you know? What you take in through the body dictates so much.

GARAGE: Oh. Okay. Because you've been...Juuling throughout this entire interview.

SURFBOARD: (exhaling smoke) Yeah, but that's, like, natural.

Los Angeles