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Fashion Horoscopes: The Signs as American Girl Dolls

Are you a Kit, or a Samantha?

by Courtney Perkins
Jul 3 2019, 5:29pm

Photo via American Girl store.

If you’re worried that this article isn’t for you because you haven’t seen, talked about, or thought about an American Girl doll in years, think again! I’ll be basing this entire article off of a combination of the American Girl website, their fan wiki, and their Wikipedia!

ARIES: KAYA (1764, Native American living during European colonization)

  • Was the first American Girl doll so she has the same “I started this whole thing” OG bitch energy as Aries
  • “Brave and outgoing, but careless and thoughtless” a.k.a. gets in trouble for doing the daring thing without thinking about the consequence
  • Wants to be leader of her people
  • Themes of her storylines include courage, compassion, and leadership
  • Only doll in the series not to show teeth, per tribal custom = a strong young woman with faith in traditions and pride in who she is!
  • Described as adventurous, ambitious, outdoorsy, true-hearted, and resourceful

TAURUS: CAROLINE (War of 1812)

  • Outdoorsy! Loves sailing, ice skating, fishing, and hanging out with the cows on her cousin’s farm! Taurus loves nature!
  • Stubborn binch who struggles with change!
  • Known as a sweetie :)
  • Has a lot of hometown pride
  • One day when her father gets captured, she journeys to save him! That’s Taurus level loyalty and family devotion!

GEMINI: KIT (1934, Great Depression)

  • Tomboy who doesn’t care about dresses, chores and things that she considers as "flouncy”
  • Kit prefers baseball and the outdoors! Gemini children often lean towards the active side, and hate anything that forces them to sit still!
  • Wants to be a reporter a.k.a. possesses the classic Gemini way with words and desire for hot goss
  • Hates chores and anything boring = Gemini need for constant mental stimulation
  • Known for her love of adventures and plucky optimism in the face of the Great Depression. I mean come on, who do you call when times are tough and you need a laugh? Gemini!

CANCER: JOSEFINA (1824, young Mexican girl living in New Mexico)

  • Learning how to be a healer from her grandmother following the death of her mother = Cancer’s natural instinct to care for others linking up with their interest in family wisdom!
  • Cancer believes in respecting your elders, and Josefina knows that her grandmother has a lot to teach her! She’s not defiant or rebellious like the parental-stress-inducing Kaya and Kit!
  • Can be shy and quiet
  • Loves animals and her family


  • Wants to be recognized as an individual within her family = the Leo need to be SEEN!
  • Dreams of being the hero of her favorite stories = the Leo need to make a DIFFERENCE!
  • Created her own style of cursive to suit her being left-handed = the Leo drive for singularity!
  • Described as “enthusiastic, optimistic, ambitious, imaginative” = Leo’s positive influence, creativity, and cheer!
  • Known for having lots of ideas and always standing out from a crowd
  • Had polio :/


  • Patriot helping the war efforts = smh Virgos always have to be helping with something
  • Only one with glasses… feels like a Virgo ass nerd to me
  • Best tap dancer in her class and tap dancing is some precise shit
  • Known as a “big schemer” = Virgos are always up to the task, seeking flaws to fix and projects to put in motion

LIBRA: MELODY (1960s, Civil Rights)

  • Okay obviously the chicest outfit has to go to Libra, I don’t make the rules
  • Her AG official website page says “Fairness and equality for all people sound like music to my ears. HELLO, those are Libra’s after-school activities!
  • Her whole family is involved with Motown and singing = Libra’s creativity and artistry!
  • Can sometimes struggle with courage a.k.a. Libra’s desire to circumvent conflict

SCORPIO: ADDY (1864, escaped fugitive slave)

  • Courageous! Strong! Resilient!
  • Escaped slavery via the Underground Railroad
  • Known for questioning the status quo, speaking up about racism, and being unsatisfied with bullshit “that’s just the way it is” answers = sounds like a combo of Scorpio’s curiosity, tenacity, and proclivity for transforming broken systems!
  • Mistrustful of new people

SAGITTARIUS: FELICITY (1774, American Revolution horse girl)

  • Described as “spunky, brave, and free-spirited”
  • Outdoorsy horse girl = connected to the Sagittarian centaur!
  • Often fed up with old-school customs that young women were expected to observe at the time a.k.a. fuck your feelings, I’m wearing shorts!!!
  • Not interested in phony polite society
  • Can be brash, impatient, foolish, and outspoken
  • Always speaks her mind when angry
  • Loves taking risks
  • Independent as hell

CAPRICORN: SAMANTHA (1904, Edwardian period)

  • Orphaned at age five and raised by her wealthy Victorian-era grandmother a.k.a. Capricorn Rich Bitch Energy
  • Just kidding, she’s actually very giving, helpful, and and kind
  • Wants to be the first female president a.k.a. Capricorn setting high goals for themselves
  • Themes of her storylines include women’s suffrage, child labor, and classism, so like… work regulations for astrology’s top earner
  • Described as “bright” and a lover of reading! Smart sea goat!

AQUARIUS: JULIE (1974, San Francisco)

  • Fun loving, happy, free-spirited!
  • Actively fights prejudice and supports ’70’s social movements = the Aquarian humanitarian streak!
  • Super progressive about divorce, feminism, environmentalism, and ableism
  • Plays basketball… on the boys team! Aquarius shock factor! Overturning systems! Emphasizing gender equality!
  • Artistic, stylish, crafty, and creative
  • Hippie bitch with the peace sign

PISCES: NANEA: 1941, Hawaii

  • Survived Pearl Harbor
  • Wants to be a teacher someday = Pisces’ giving spirit and drive to help others along in their journeys
  • Close with her grandparents = Pisces are known for being old souls!
  • American Girl’s official statement from Nanea is “I take care of my friends and neighbors—that's the aloha spirit.” Pisceans are filled to the brim with compassion!
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