Show Us Your Screenshots: Mr. Larkin's Casey Blond

A digital look at the life of the designer and store owner as she readies her new Copenhagen flagship store.

by Casey Blond
Aug 21 2020, 9:30am

Everyone's a voyeur. We love seeing other people's dramas unfold on Instagram, crane our necks as we pass a traffic accident even as we complain how everyone slowing down to look at the accident is causing a traffic jam, and as we live our lives online, we love to see what our technological footprint says about the people around us. What are your most currently used emojis? What does your YouTube search history say about you? On our phones in particular, taking a screenshot has become a form of communication and memory. We screenshot Instagram stories to send to our friends to gossip about, we screenshot funny interactions, we screenshot images we come across that inspire us. In our new series, "Show Us Your Screenshots," we ask our favorite creatives to share with us a selection of the recently saved images on their phones.

Casey Blond, the woman behind one of our favorite online store Mr. Larkin (and the designer of the store’s namesake label), has an eye for clothes and home goods that are unique, cool, and just the right amount of off-kilter. This past week, as Copenhagen Fashion Week was underway, Blond was busy putting the finishing touches on the new Mr.Larkin flagship store, and hosting a dinner with all her loved ones. We asked her to give us a peek into the most recent photo additions to her phone’s camera roll:


We signed the lease to our new Copenhagen Flagship store, one month before Covid-19 hit Europe. I was crazed setting up the new space due to setbacks from shut down, kids were not in school; factories, design commissions, deliveries were all delayed, so it was an all-hands-on-deck (kids and all) to get the space ready for opening.

Anja Charbonneau.jpeg

This is a screenshot from an Instagram series by Anja Charbonneau, the founder of Broccoli Magazine, called #FlowersforDiana. It’s a series of zoomed snapshots of Princess Di holding flowers. I’ve wanted to do a jewelry editorial inspired by this series for a while now, there’s such nostalgia in these images.

G-DeadstockFabrics .jpg

In the midst of preparing our store opening event, I had also been coordinating with our factory for our next season’s designs. These are a few deadstock fabrics we’ll be utilizing in our next collection.

Tina Barney.jpeg
Tina Barney, "Mark, Amy, & Tara," 1983, Chromogenic color print.

I love Tina Barney’s work. It reminds me of my family somehow—again offering me some sort of nostalgia for family gatherings and vacations. I often sense a sort of privileged disfunction in her subjects as well. The composition and colors of this particular image is a part of our Spring 2021 moodboard.

Pettersen & Hein Studio.jpeg

Ahead of the store opening, I spent weeks visiting artist studios in Copenhagen to find design pieces for the shop with Mujo Objects founder Sille Jørgensen. For this space, I wanted to support our community in Copenhagen, and highlight the artistry in Denmark. This is a snapshot of Pettersen & Hein's colorful studio space in North West Copenhagen.


I’ve been in a constant collaboration with artist Maria Lenskjold for over a year now designing ceramics and textiles inspired by hallucinogenic plants. During this time, we have researched the benefits of microdosing. The Grateful Dead is also my favorite band.


This is my favorite view of the shop! We wanted to create a space that is modern while truly embodying the lifestyle of our customers, both in Denmark and internationally. A focal point of the store is this beautiful custom mirror from artist Anne Nowak.

Casi Namoda.jpeg
Cassi Namoda, "Violette, Viola and Velma," 2020

I love Cassi Namoda’s work. There is so much emotion in them. And her use of color and textures are ever so inspiring. I would love to own a piece of her work someday.


Finally, the night of our long-awaited dinner to safely celebrate our new space. For our table settings, we used all vintage vases from Mujo Objects collection. They have been long time collaborators and helped me design the new space.


Our big moment this year was opening our Copenhagen flagship, and I was excited to host a celebration of the new shop with the people I love over a bigger presentation. We kept everything local to our new neighborhood with dinner from Polly and wine from Vin Super Natural.

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