Every Photo of Frank Ocean at Men’s Fashion Week

The rapper was Instagrammed everywhere, from Loewe to Louis Vuitton to Raf Simons.

by Emma Specter
Jan 23 2019, 5:21pm

Every Fashion Week, it seems like one celebrity emerges to rule them all, appearing at enough front rows and after-parties to star in their very own game of “Where’s Waldo?” This season, it was none other than Frank Ocean, big bag appreciator (and somebody please wire me money for not making a “Frank Ocean channels orange” pun about the rapper’s tangerine puffer).

Ocean was spotted front row at Virgil Abloh’s Louis Vuitton, shoulder to shoulder with Timmy Chalamet:

He left Vuitton, coyly covering his mouth with his puffer while wearing That Céline Bag:

He went backstage at Loewe:

He chilled with Kid Cudi at the GQ afterparty:

He put on a serious face at Raf Simons:

He slung an insouciant arm around Papa Raf himself:

Ocean is no stranger to the fashion world, having previously stepped out in Gucci and Balmain, headlining a 2016 Calvin Klein campaign, and gracing the most recent cover of GQ in a Prada turtleneck. Nonetheless, it’s fun to see Instagram evidence of him absolutely owning Men’s Fashion Week, a welcome burst of orange on the wintry streets of Paris.

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