Supreme’s New York Post Cover Is a Fashion Media Sex Tape

And it’s probably in Donald Trump’s tiny hands right now.

by Rachel Tashjian
Aug 13 2018, 6:09pm

Supreme dropped its Fall/Winter lookbook today, and this morning took out a historic advertisement in—on?—the New York Post, with every retail copy of Rupert Murdoch’s all-American tabloid wrapped in a sponsored cover that features the iconic box logo in all its simplistic (and yet so complicated) glory. Beneath this cover is the real cover, featuring the standard New York Post stuff: a story about a guy who was let go by the police after attacking people with a brick and knives (“COPPING OUT!”) and something about Tiger Woods—aka a grail-less body in a cop-less bar. At $1, this is probably the cheapest Supreme “product” ever made.

Fashion and media are perhaps the two most maligned industries in the United States: pillars of democracy that can’t seem to shake a reputation for elitism. It’s no wonder they want to collaborate. They are the Romeo and Juliet of our times! See our primer on newsprint in fashion, with Sacai’s $300 New York Times T-shirt as just the latest example.

But if Sacai x the New York Times was a love story for our myopic times, Supreme x the New York Post is a sex tape. The New York Post, after all, is our city’s sleazy tabloid, a right-leaning gossip rag that beats to the pulse of our strangest paranoia. It speaks in Trumpian extremes and bad puns, and traffics in rumors and wild scoops. The headline for today’s story about former Trump aide and Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault-Newman’s claim that she secretly taped conversations in the White House is “Fury over tape worm Omarosa.” Disgusting and revelatory—the Post secret sauce.

And Supreme is the perfect match for the Post. It’s cheap, moves quickly, tempestuous. It careens between mass (a T-shirt company worth a billion dollars!) and niche (this most recent collection includes references to nineteenth-century illustrator Aubrey Beardsley). The people behind Supreme do whatever they want and everyone just loves it—they encourage people (mostly teenagers) to line Murdoch’s pockets by running out and buying countless copies of this newspaper, but they also want to sell them a trucker hat that says “FUCK BORDER CONTROL.” This most recent collection even plays on this sleazy vibe, with fake jewels, casino prints, and the kinds of short sleeve button-downs and collared knits you usually see at a bowling ally or imagine Michael Cohen wearing when he smokes cigars and threatens reporters. (Zaddycore!)

This isn’t technically a collab in the purest sense of the word, since Supreme’s appearance in the Post is the result of a paid advertisement. (I emailed their ad department to ask how much such a wrap advertisement costs and did not receive an answer by publication time.) But the fact that Supreme paid for this collaboration only enhances its sleaziness. It’s lascivious, awkward, and full-frontal Supreme—and of course, as with all (er, most) sex tapes, we only want more. The first Hudson News I visited was sold out by 7:30 AM, and within hours, hypebeasts-turned-media-wonks who had bought multiple copies were attempting to flip the papers on Grailed. I giggled thinking about everyone at the power breakfasts centers of Balthazar and the Regency taking in the news that Lena Dunham officiated the wedding of a digital branding guru in Ojai this weekend, their fingers smudged gray with the stain of this grail. “Why is the T-shirt brand my teenage son is obsessed with on the cover of my newspaper?” titans of industry were perhaps asking between bites of egg-white omelet. But of course, it was a match made in shady heaven; a teenage son’s dedication to Supreme is just as ruthless and borderline-illegal as his father’s dedication to Wall Street.

You know who else reads the New York Post everyday? Donald Trump! Last year, Axios reported that in Trump Tower, he received paper copies of the New York Times and New York Post, “which a friend calls ‘the paper of record for him’—he especially studies Page Six.” That means Donald Trump, too, is reading about that Lena Dunham wedding in Ojai—and is possibly clutching the Supreme newspaper right now. Doesn’t get sleazier than that.

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