Would You Pay $18M For A Warhol Portrait of Farrah Fawcett?

Because her ex, Ryan O'Neal, is trying to unload one.

by Emma Specter
Apr 15 2019, 8:39pm

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which means the $18 Warhol portrait of Farrah Fawcett that her ex Ryan O'Neal is quietly shopping around for $18 million has to be worth at least a thesaurus or two.

O'Neal was originally asking $20 million for the portrait, Page Six reports, but is now prepared to part with Warhol's iconic image of the Charlie's Angels star—with whom he was involved, on and off, for almost 30 years—for the low, low price of $18 million. According to an "art insider" with whom Page Six spoke, O'Neal would even be “willing to let it go for less.” How could any bargain-hunter refuse?

The portrait was painted by Warhol in 1980, the same year as his famous likeness of Debbie Harry and just before what the Telegraph describes as his "fall from grace" over the course of the decade. Fawcett was already a household name and sex symbol thanks to her role on Charlie's Angels, as well as the iconic shot of her in a red bathing suit that has become the best-selling poster in history (narrowly edging out the poster of two girls kissing that your dirtbag ex-boyfriend had hanging in his freshman dorm room.)

It might seem coldhearted to auction off a picture of your deceased ex, but who among us can judge? After all, what O'Neal is doing is really just the famous-person equivalent of deleting all your happy-couple Instagrams from Storm King after a rough breakup, just at an ever-so-slightly higher price point.

If you're thirsting for more Farrah-centric content in your life, but can't scrape together $18 million, eBay is a veritable treasure trove of everything from vintage posters to Farrah Fawcett-brand soap. Who knows, maybe the Warhol will end up on eBay too, if O'Neal can't find a bidder.

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