Photo by Ben Park. 

A T-Shirt For Serious Clubgoers

'BOOGIE!', implores the shirt, and who are we, really, to refuse it?

by Chris Black
Mar 1 2019, 3:15pm

Photo by Ben Park. 

Last week in Los Angeles I was minding my business working on a shoot when a cool t-shirt came into my sightline. Our stylist Karolyn Pho was wearing a perfectly washed long sleeve white t-shirt that just said ‘SERIOUS CLUB MUSIC” on the back and “BOOGIE” on the front in a lovely faded green. While Karolyn was busy preparing looks, I quizzed her on the shirt's origin. She said it was made by her friend Dan and his brand ISM in New York City. I filed that nugget away and went on with my day. We had magic to make. Clear frame!

Photo via ISM New York

Cut to last night back in my New York City apartment. As I was unpacking and decompressing post-flight, that t-shirt popped into my mind. I frantically texted Karolyn for a link, which she got to me immediately. I logged on and checked out the full range ISM has to offer, and my man has some heaters! The washes are particularly strong, everything looks and feels lived in. Another t-shirt to add to my stacks. The journey never ends.

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