Gabby Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images

These Are the Juul Fashion Collaborations We Want and Deserve

Could be cuul.

by Nick Remsen
Feb 8 2019, 4:53pm

Gabby Jones/Bloomberg via Getty Images

To some extent, fashion and ~smoking~ go index and middle finger with index and middle finger. Despite continued efforts to make smoking an of-the-past habit, hang out with Dean and Dan Caten backstage before one of their DSquared2 shows, and there are cigarettes and champagne. Step a few feet outside at any show and behold a barrage of smokers. Kendall Jenner is even puffing in her latest Vogue Italia spread.

This is of course nothing new. Skim through any number of old Meisel, Klein, or Testino photographs and you'll definitely spot the beautiful people with cigarettes in hand. But as that form of chemical intake has steeply declined, in its place has risen the almighty vape appliance, the Juul. Juuling has become as ubiquitous as basic kitchen needs (truu story, I saw a marquee on a Dairy Barn in suburban Long Island yesterday that was advertising a dozen eggs, 2% milk—and Juul pods). Fashion loves (loves) a newfangled collaboration—I mean, Versace did something with Ford motors for Fall 2019 menswear—so we’d like a Juul link-up, please.

This as-yet-to-happen collab could fall into twuu potentials; the decoration of the sleek little vaporizer itself, or the Juul pod flavor itself. Like, imagine just a straight-up tobacco flavored Chanel Juul pod. I’d buy one, if only for the double-C’s. (I don’t Juul.) Or it could be something more abstract. Jeremy Scott has done loads of collections around food; he could do a Snickers-flavored Juul pod and people would go nuts.

A more likely result is something that has to do with the physical appearance of the product.

A kaleidoscopically, photo-realistically printed Mary Katrantzou Juul? Yes.

A Juul wearing a skinny tie and a skinny suit by Hedi Slimane for Celine? Yes.

A Juul with bulge-highlighting shorts and a lovely French Riviera motif by Jacquemus? Oui.

A Juul with a fuck-you attitude and crocodile jacket by Phillip Plein? Maybe that’ll happen on Monday night, when Plein shows his next collection to the musical stylings of Kanye West (or will he?)

But, as an ex-smoker, who smoked a lot during the collections, especially so at parties thrown by the soon to be mentioned designer, I can think of but one dream name for this collab: Alexander Wang. Get me out of this tobacco free life and into a Juul covered in slick black leather and I may officially be converted.

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