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Deconstructing Director Paul Schrader's Love for Taylor Swift

Allow us to get playfully unhinged!
Philippa Snow
GARAGE Magazine Issue 17

Please, Drag Me.

Popularized by actors and drag queens, the contour makeup trend lets you become whoever you want to be. Until you wash your face, that is. Photographed by Estelle Hanania. Fashion Editor: Victoire Simonney.
Philippa Snow
right now

PSA: Hilary Duff Played Sharon Tate in A Straight-To-Video Manson Movie

GARAGE takes a look back at the film, which was released this month to little fanfare.
Philippa Snow

Anne Imhof Gives Good (and Confusing) Sex at the Tate Modern

Like only some sex, the performance lasts four hours.
Philippa Snow
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Ben Whishaw Is Man Enough to Play Both Helen of Troy and Marilyn Monroe

Ben Whishaw tells Philippa Snow about taking on a starring role in The Shed's opening season. Photographed by Jack Davison.
Philippa Snow
accidental style icon

Accidental Style Icon: Parker Posey

Is she the dark-haired, turban-clad Veronica to Chloë Sevigny's Betty?
Philippa Snow
The Faults In Our Stars

Robert Pattinson: 50 Shades of ‘Nah’

A 2012 YouTube clip proves the star’s disdain for the YA juggernaut that put him on the map.
Philippa Snow
The Faults In Our Stars

Our Joker: What We Talk About When We Talk About Joaquin Phoenix

Philippa Snow
The Faults In Our Stars

Was Greta Garbo Reclusive—Or Just Bored?

Reconsidering Garbo’s decades of rest and relaxation.
Philippa Snow

Can a Rape-Revenge Film Ever Be Truly Feminist?

Coralie Fargeat gives it a go in her film “Revenge,” released in France last year and out on DVD in the United States this week.
Philippa Snow

Jane Fonda: The Ultimate Hollywood Paradox

A retrospective of Jane Fonda films reminds us that the actor contradicts herself—and very well.
Philippa Snow
white girls

Lindsay, Britney, Didion: The Death and Rebirth of the All-American Goddess

Alice Bolin's new essay collection pays tribute to all the fallen idols who give us #life.
Philippa Snow