GARAGE Magazine Issue 19

The Dinner Party of Dreams

A group of chefs, creatives, and activists envision their own dream gatherings, for a new future. Date (and dimension) TBD.
Eileen Cartter
right now

How to DIY Your Community

Mutual-aid secondhand sales and donation drives are popping up across Brooklyn (and the internet)—and in raising money for the community, a community comes together.
Eileen Cartter
GARAGE Magazine Issue 17

Is That a $20 Bill? Would Be a Shame If Someone Were To... Stamp It

When the U.S. Treasury Department hit pause on a plan to replace Andrew Jackson’s portrait with Harriet Tubman’s on the $20 bill, artist Dano Wall took matters into his own hands.
Emma Specter
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Lauren Wasser Wants You To Know—and Care About—What’s In Your Tampon

A survivor of toxic shock syndrome, model/activist Lauren Wasser doesn’t just want change—she’s demanding it.
Emma Specter

Rose McGowan Turns Her Talents On Performance Art

“With acting, you always know the goal or know where the scene ends. With this, we had no idea. I think that’s super powerful.”
Nadja Sayej

"Art is the Ultimate Con": Should Artists Occupy Museums?

Artist Coco Fusco and activist Noah Fischer chew over some ideas around artists, institutions, and cash.
Ilana Novick

Marilyn Minter On How Instagram Is Revolutionizing Activism

Much like cheap newspapers at the time of Daumier, Instagram has become the voice of the people, write Marilyn Minter and Andrianna Campbell, curators of the pop-up shop "Anger Management" at the Brooklyn Museum.
Marilyn Minter
Andrianna Campbell