How to Mourn a Building

GARAGE spoke to a grief counselor about the Notre Dame fire and what the loss of an iconic structure can tell us about ourselves.
Emma Specter
a day ago
Engaging Architecture

Visiting Grace Farms in New Canaan, Where Pleasure and Purpose Converge

Exploring a sequence of transparent pavilions set in an idyllic landscape.
Michael Webb
3 days ago

Six Degrees of Separation: Lori Loughlin to Le Corbusier

Hint: Alanis Morrissette plays a pivotal role.
Emma Specter
3 days ago
right now

Tom Ford Just Bought Halston's Famed Upper East Side House

Emma Specter and Jared Ellner
sitting pretty

Sitting Pretty: The Agile and Artful Playfulness of the Bardi’s Bowl Chair

The chair is "a reflection of the late architect’s vibrant spirit and a creative fusion of her two cultures."
Tyler Watamanuk
Engaging Architecture

How the World’s Greatest Architects Joined Forces To Create the World’s Most Beautiful Hospitals

In honor of his late wife, Maggie, Charles Jencks embarked on a project to create a serene environment for the terminally ill. Today, more than a dozen of the world’s leading architects have designed a Maggie’s Center.
Michael Webb
Garage Magazine Issue 16

A Fashion Story Set In Switzerland’s Most Eccentric Building

A collision of colors, textures, and prints finds a home at a Swiss architectural monument, photographed for GARAGE Issue 16 by Lukas Wassmann and styled by Victoria Sekrier.
Thomas Chatterton Williams
Engaging Architecture

Recreating the Lascaux Caves in Rural France

Snøhetta simulates a hidden treasure that can no longer be visited.
Michael Webb
Garage Magazine Issue 16

The Futuristic Italian Nightclub With Vegetable Gardens and Toga Parties

Piranhas. Plasma. Disco. At Space Electronic, the 1970s club kids of Florence were living like it was 2030.
Erin Schwartz
Engaging Architecture

Singapore’s Green City Within a City

Marina One is a tropical version of New York’s Rockefeller Center.
Michael Webb
Engaging Architecture

Steven Holl Fuses Light and Geometry in His Latest Houses

A new book from Rizzoli highlights this Pritzer Prize-ready architect.
Michael Webb
minnie muse

The Art of Gaudí Furniture

On the celebrated architect’s very noteworthy furniture.
Colby Mugrabi