Cecelia Condit’s Video Art is Going Viral On TikTok

How a video about cannibalism became a viral sensation.

Tatum Dooley

At 80, Judy Chicago is Still Breaking Rules

The trailblazing feminist artist famed for her Dinner Party installation—the first grand-scale feminist artwork—celebrates eight decades this Saturday.

Nadja Sayej

Seth Price’s Self as Tube

It's the post-conceptual artist's first European gallery exhibition of the works.

Haley Mellin

Leah Schrager is an Ethnographer of the Extremely Online

The body artist's parody of Instagram culture was on display last weekend at Montauk Beach House.

Max Lakin

Ceramicist Katie Kimmel is 'Going Full Egg'

The artist's upcoming L.A. show draws inspiration from the egg caricatures her great-grandfather used to draw.

Emma Specter

Is Maximalism the Most Overlooked Art Movement Ever?

A new show at ICA Boston might just be the remedy.

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Why Do Museums Need Unions?

In New York City and beyond, employees at cultural institutions are joining the union fight for better wages and a seat at the table.

Eileen Cartter

Dominique Fung Flips the Script on Orientalism

The second-generation Chinese-Canadian artist's new solo show, 'Wash your Corners,' closes this month at Ross+Kramer Gallery.

Claire Voon

An Artistic Exploration of Love, DNA, and Biohacking

At the Temperature of My Body, her latest exhibition at NYC’s Fridman Gallery, makes art out of custom virus creation.

Cassidy Dawn Graves

These 7 Artists Are Redefining Patriotism

Anti-Trump art has snowballed into a bona fide resistance movement.

Nadja Sayej

Slime, Bald Dudes, and Siberian Throat Singing? Welcome To Mika Rottenberg's Mind

The artist's latest work, 'Spaghetti Blockchain,' debuts at the New Museum.

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What Does 'Radical Love' Mean To You?

For these artists, there’s no one right answer.

Scott Indrisek