T.J. Wilcox Thinks Chastity is Overrated

The artist answers the GARAGE Questionnaire... better than Proust's tbh.

GARAGE Magazine

Nicole Wittenberg Finds Her Place In the Sun

The "Plein-air" works are on view at Skarstedt Gallery in New York

Haley Mellin

A Love Letter to the Outsider Art Fair

Displaying work by mostly unknown artists, the fair lends itself for exploration, learning, and true discovery.

Annie Armstrong

Is Loie Hollowell a Georgia O'Keefe for the Instagram Age?

The artist tells GARAGE how she makes her paintings pulse with sexual energy.

Haley Mellin

Remembering John Baldessari

Cindy Sherman, Dasha Zhukova, Lawrence Weiner, and more speak on the loss of the grandfather of conceptual art.

Annie Armstrong

All My New Yorkers, Which Is the Best Seat (to Take You to the Shows Opening This Week)?

Let a meme guide you to your first art opening week of the year.

Eileen Cartter

A Conversation With the Spirit of James Lee Byars (1932-1997)

It's exactly what the artist—whose works included "The Death of James Lee Byars," and "The Ghost of James Lee Byars"—would've wanted.

Parch Es

Go Hang a Salami I'm a Lasagna Hog

Calvin Marcus’ surreal achievement currently on view at David Kordansky Gallery.

Haley Mellin

Marianne Vitale on Philosophical Decay and the Sweet Life

GARAGE pays the artist a visit at her studio in Long Island City.

Haley Mellin

GARAGE's Senior Superlatives of the 2010's

Because the art world is just like high school!

Annie Armstrong

A Guide to the Banana In (Feminist) Art History

And no, we don't talk about Gwen Stefani.

Annie Armstrong

Love, Ren Hang

A new retrospective of the acclaimed Chinese photographer opens in Berlin this month.

Nadja Sayej