Kendra Jayne Patrick's "Seating Chart for a Fall Dinner Party in a Pandemic" currently on view at Metro Pictures, and it's exactly what we needed right now.

Colleen Kelsey

How Will I Ever Get Out of This Monolith?

“I want you to imagine a desert, stretching out as far as your eyes can see. In this desert is a cube.”

Eileen Cartter

This November, Before Midnight, Times Square Hosts a Feast

Artist Zina Saro-Wiwa’s films, featuring locals from the Niger Delta eating, take over the gigantic billboards in the most bustling part of New York City.

Osman Can Yerebakan

Luke O’Halloran’s Royal Flush

O’Halloran’s show at Kapp Kapp features paintings completed during early quarantine.

Adam Robb

Joseph Holtzmann's Landscapes and Nocturnes

Parker Gallery is hosting a pop-exhibition in New York featuring the artist-designer's oil paintings.

Haley Mellin

Is This Year Like the Cross Section of a Grapefruit?

Annie Armstrong muses on how her relationship to art has changed and been informed by the election.

Annie Armstrong

Oscar Murillo's Beautiful Process

New paintings created by the artist during lockdown in his hometown of La Paila, Colombia, are now on view at David Zwirner Paris.

Laia Garcia-Furtado

Plates for the People

You can shop the custom plates from our Issue 19 dinner party feature right now on our web store, with all of the proceeds going to NYC mutual aid.

Eileen Cartter

Ryan Johnson’s Endless Silhouettes

The artist speaks about the influences and unlikely musical inspirations behind his latest body of work.

Haley Mellin

Lisa Anne Auerbach's Political Needles

The knitter and artist, who entered the public consciousness during the Bush era, is making new work that is as politically potent as ever.

Isabel Slone

Can a Fluffy Chocolate Treat Bring Us Together?

Digital artist Mina Cheon's "Eat Chocopie Together" campaign builds connections between strangers through South and North Korea's mutually beloved candy.

Osman Can Yerebakan

Smarter Child

Martine Syms was set to have a busy year—until the pandemic hit. Annie Armstrong catches up with the artist at her studio in Los Angeles.

Annie Armstrong