A Look Inside Peggy Guggenheim's Scrapbooks

"Peggy Guggenheim: The Last Dogaressa," opens in Venice this fall.

Nadja Sayej

Stephanie Dinkins Is Turning Memoir Into AI

"Not The Only One" (N'TOO), a project rooted in the importance of family history, was shown at the Seattle Art Fair at the beginning of August.

Tatum Dooley

An Oral History of Lucien, the New York Art World's Go-To Bistro

Jade Berreau, Christopher Hitchens, Sam McKinniss, and more share their memories of the restaurant's owner, Lucien Bahaj, who passed away in July.

Nate Freeman

Arden Surdam's Photography is Not For the Faint of Heart

Soutine whomst?

Max Lakin

Pop Quiz: Who Said It, Jenny Holzer or Dr. Bronner's Soap?

This game is surprisingly hard.

Emma Specter

Peaches is Letting Sex Toys Speak for Themselves

The Berlin-based musician branches out into art with her first solo show, 'Whose Jizz is This.'

Nadja Sayej

Was Garry Winogrand the First Street Style Photographer?

A new Brooklyn Museum retrospective finally puts his work in the spotlight.

Nadja Sayej

EXCLUSIVE: The Damien Hirst Shark Finally Speaks

In honor of Shark Week, GARAGE sits down for an interview with the most famous shark this side of 'Jaws.'

Rachel Rabbit White

Greek Myths, Captioned by the Daily Mail

Say what you will about the tabloid, they know how to illustrate an image.

Emma Specter

I Need To Know More About Brad Pitt and Leo DiCaprio's 'Shared Love of Pottery'

The bros who sculpt together, stay together.

Emma Specter

Cecelia Condit’s Video Art is Going Viral On TikTok

How a video about cannibalism became a viral sensation.

Tatum Dooley

At 80, Judy Chicago is Still Breaking Rules

The trailblazing feminist artist famed for her Dinner Party installation—the first grand-scale feminist artwork—celebrates eight decades this Saturday.

Nadja Sayej