Tourmaline Believes in the Power of this Moment

The filmmaker's 2019 film, "Salacia," was recently acquired by the Museum of Modern Art.

Laia Garcia-Furtado

A Brief History of How Diane Arbus Inspired Divine's Dawn Davenport

Meanwhile, Divine is the inspiration for Loewe's new collaboration that benefits Visual AIDS and Baltimore Pride. (See what we did there?)

Annie Armstrong

On Sara Cwynar's "Red Film" and Shopping Just to Feel Something

Capitalism equals democracy equals freedom, or something.

Adina Glickstein

Zoe Buckman's "Electricity Traversed My Insides"

Her new work is part of "Drawn Together," a group show at Unit London which benefits medical non-profits.

Haley Mellin

Walter Scott On the Life and Lives of "Wendy"

Tavi Gevinson talks to the artist and writer about his latest book, "Wendy, Master of Art."

tavi gevinson

Stillness Is the Move

Vernon O'Meally's new show of monochromatic still lives finds electrifying emotion in black and white.

Laia Garcia-Furtado

Dispatches from Illustrators in Quarantine

Four artists reflect on what they’ve been drawing, and what life looks like right now.

Eileen Cartter

Lisa Yuskavage Will Be Wearing Something Extremely Flammable to Her Own Funeral

A new show of the artist's work is now on view at David Zwirner's online viewing room—but before you head over there, read her answers to the GARAGE Questionnaire.

GARAGE Magazine

Mask 4 Masc

Recently, artists like Cindy Sherman, Lisa Yuskavage, and John Currin, have turned their gaze upon the male or androgynous figure. Allese Thomson meditates on its meaning.

Allese Thomson

Is It Just Us or Would It Be Great to Be a Mannequin Right Now?

Thinking about John Miller's "Mannequin Trilogy," on view this weekend as part of Metro Pictures' Online Film Festival.

Colleen Kelsey

DIY Your Own Fine Art with Brooke Wise's Coloring Book

Because you don't have space for any more puzzles in your apartment. Bonus? It's free!

Haley Mellin

Always On My Mind

As we enter a new era, artist Alex Israel looks back at a decade of work and the fast-changing technology and culture that influenced it.

Alex Israel