Of Satan, Captain America, and Daniel Johnston

This year’s Outsider Art Fair exalts the late musician’s visual art. 

Annie Armstrong

"Solace" in the Afternoon

An illustrated visit to Brooklyn-based artist Marsha Pels' retrospective at Lubov delivers a Bling Ring spectacle.

Anna Bane

Raven Halfmoon On Toeing the Line Between Her Caddo Heritage and TikTok

The artist's new show is now on view at Ross + Kramer.

Annie Armstrong

Mathew Cerletty's Objects Are Closer Than They Appear

The paintings in his solo show at The Power Station reveal a part of ourselves in the quotidian.

Haley Mellin

Brie Ruais' Desert Magic

The Brooklyn-based sculptor’s current exhibition in Los Angeles is shaped by her road trip in the desert during the election week.

Osman Can Yerebakan

Can a Painting of a Horse be a Metaphor for Queer Desire?

Twenty-four-year-old artist Dominique Knowles's paintings are a study in the complexities of intimacy—and his love for a childhood pet.

Samuel Anderson

Nick Quijano’s Whispering From Everyday Life

In a new show at Fort Gansevoort, the artist seeks inspiration in his native Puerto Rico's past and in its present.

Sebastian Meltz-Collazo

Portrait of A Year On Fire: JDJ Gallery’s NADA Heats Up

Over three different shows hosted for NADA’s satellite fair this year, New York’s JDJ Gallery exhibits flames at the forefront.

Annie Armstrong

Maison Margiela’s Future Miami Boutique Becomes a Blank Canvas

Marco Brambilla's "Nude Descending No. 3" is now on view on the façade of the flagship store in Miami's Design District.

Osman Can Yerebakan

What Does It Mean to Be Black and Alive Right Now?

Black Futures, a new book by curator Kimberly Drew and New York Times Magazine staff writer Jenna Wortham, attempts to answer the question.

Naomi Elias

Kendra Jayne Patrick's "Seating Chart for a Fall Dinner Party in a Pandemic" currently on view at Metro Pictures, and it's exactly what we needed right now.

Colleen Kelsey

How Will I Ever Get Out of This Monolith?

“I want you to imagine a desert, stretching out as far as your eyes can see. In this desert is a cube.”

Eileen Cartter