From Stripper Cakes To Gym Selfies, Gina Beavers Paints the Life We Deserve

“I always think: This could be so elegant. Then after I end up making it, it looks fucked up in this way."

Scott Indrisek

Issy Wood Talks Painting the Tragedy and Ambivalence Lurking in Luxury

A new installation at the Zabludowicz Collection takes cues from an unsung heroine of botanical illustration.

Philomena Epps

Sex Scenes: In Honor of Carolee Schneemann and Making Out With Your Cat

"Infinity Kisses" captures a feline-human kiss that took place every morning.

Rachel Rabbit White

Jim Lambie: 20 Years of Zobop

The floor-forward works, which seeks to de-beige the art world, are celebrating a major anniversary.

Calum Gordon

Revisiting the Art World References of 'The L Word'

Remember that S1 Catherine Opie cameo?

Emma Specter

Austin Lee’s Feel-Good Art Is More Complicated Than It Seems

Where virtual-reality drawings become paintings.

Scott Indrisek

The Art of Dying

Cynthia Talmadge’s recent series of paintings, “1076 Madison,” held its reception at Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel.

Max Lakin

What Does Your Favorite Museum Smell Like?

Match the signature scent to the international art hub!

Emma Specter

Cate Blanchett Becomes Marina Abramović on 'Documentary Now'

The artist is satirized.

Erin Schwartz

Looking Back at the Singular Vision of Carolee Schneemann

The pioneering feminist artist died this week at age 79.

Emma Specter

From Contemporary Surrealism to Queer Photography, 6 Highlights of the Independent

The sort of art fair that critics happily attend even when not contractually obligated to do so.

Scott Indrisek

7 Artists Not To Miss At the 2019 Whitney Biennial

From the subtly spectacular to the oddly elegant at the 79th exhibition.

Scott Indrisek