Adam McEwen Makes Us Question What is Real in Two New NYC Shows

In concurrent shows at Lever House and Petzel Gallery, Adam McEwen brings the full force of his artistic oeuvre to bear on the viewer.

Jeremy Hodkin

Japanese Artist Mr. Celebrated Anime Before It Went Mainstream

The artist, who got his start as an assistant to Takashi Murakami, takes his inspiration from the streets of Tokyo.

Nadja Sayej

The Futuristic Italian Nightclub With Vegetable Gardens and Toga Parties

Piranhas. Plasma. Disco. At Space Electronic, the 1970s club kids of Florence were living like it was 2030.

Erin Schwartz

The Art of Crafting Frida Kahlo’s Image

The Brooklyn Museum's new exhibition provides a new look at Kahlo's multifaceted identity.

Jenna Adrian-Diaz

Frieze LA Report: A Downpour Doesn’t Stop Brad Pitt

Despite inclement weather, Frieze LA’s VIP collector’s opening was an unequivocal success.

Jeremy Hodkin

Lily Gavin's Self-Portraits Play with Physicality and Proportion

The artist conceptualizes and contorts her own form in a new series exclusively for GARAGE Issue 16.

Katherine Bernard

Martine Gutierrez's Self-Portraits Make the Old New Again

The artist explores media, pop culture, and spirituality in a new series exclusively for GARAGE's Issue 16.

Diana Tourjée

Alex Israel Has Built A Gigantic Rimowa Suitcase on an L.A. Street Corner

In time for Frieze L.A., a pop-up roadside attraction that recalls a staple of California quirk.

GARAGE Magazine

‘Ruben Brandt, Collector’ Is Art Movie Therapy

Milorad Krstic’s new animated feature unravels the mistakes of most films about art or artists, and amplifies the good parts. Like a good psychiatrist.

Travis Diehl

Can Boa Constrictors Heal You?

From the ancient world to upstate New York, serpent healing has long been a source of sacred feminine power. Erin Schwartz gets wrapped up with Serpentessa. Photographed by Frankie Alduino.

Erin Schwartz

Sterling Ruby’s 'SPECTER' Is So Bright, Even Your iPhone Can't Properly Capture It

At the 2019 Desert X biennial, this fluorescent sculpture reflects the sheer escarpment of San Jacinto Peak.

Haley Mellin

To Artist Tracey Emin, the Perfect Husband Is a Stone. So She Married One.

Tracey Emin married a rock. Erika Eiffel divorced the Eiffel Tower. Objectum sexuality, the feeling of romantic attachment to inanimate objects, is for real.

Lou Stoppard