Martha Rosler Thinks the Best Way to Deal With Trump Is Laughter

The feminist artist, activist, writer, and thinker is sick of “performing authenticity” via email.

Paige Katherine Bradley

Is This $90 Million David Hockney The World’s Most Expensive Instagram-Bait?

‘​Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)’ is the highest-selling work by a living artist, but is it possible its buyer is out here doing it for the ’gram?

Emma Specter

Loewe Releases a Collection Inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Finally, the Art Nouveau movement gets the merch it deserves!

Rachel Tashjian

The Glenstone Museum’s New Pavilions Combine Art with Nature

A new cluster of galleries at this private museum in Maryland opened in early October.

Michael Webb

Damn: The New Chanel Store Has a Killer Art Collection

Peter Marino masterminded a renovation of the New York flagship.

Rachel Tashjian

Auf Wiedersehen Berlin: Cologne Is the Spiritual Home of German Art

From Neo-Expressionism to Pop, it’s all about the concrete city on the Rhine.

Clem Fiell

A New Diane Arbus Show Presents the Vision She Spent Her Life Seeking

“FINALLY what I’ve been searching for!” the photographer wrote in a letter to a friend.

Eddie Zhang

Seth Price is Making Art With a Dead Squid

Seth Price talks creating absurdly high-resolution video of a Chinatown squid, the Warhol effect, the lamentable work of European Wax Center, and living in a cultural slush of low-res imagery.

Paige Katherine Bradley

Is This the First Historical Dick Pic?

Archaeologists in Turkey have discovered second century mosaics of “Narcissus enchanted with his own penis.”

Emma Specter

In “Shirkers,” a Stolen Slasher Road Flick Becomes Documentary Gold

A new documentary tells the story of the director who spent decades chasing the man who stole her film.

Zsófia Paulikovics

There’s a Katherine Bernhardt Café in Dallas Now

Named after a Breeders song! Very dope.

GARAGE Magazine

The Quest for Selfies Has Cost the Art World at Least $1.5 Million

Are selfies the enemy of art?

Emma Specter