Marc Jacobs’s Grunge Redux: The Fashion Nerd Is the New Hypebeast

The designer is tapping into the burgeoning generation of fashion nerds and luxury collectors.

Rachel Tashjian

I Made Three of Andy Warhol’s Weirdest Soup Flavors

Vegetarian Vegetable, Hot Dog Bean, Scotch Broth: what we can learn from these bizarre icons.

Melanie Woods

The Story Behind Lil Kim’s Iconic Louis Vuitton Logo-Print Portrait

David LaChapelle tells us the whole history of how the image came together. Plus: a casino-themed Kardashian family Christmas card.

Nadja Sayej

Sex Scenes: Francis Bacon’s Bohemian Muse, Lesbian Bartender and Artist/Model

‘Bacon’s Women’ at Ordovas Gallery on the Upper East Side is the first US exhibition to focus on the painter’s female subjects.

Rachel Rabbit White

Sarah Morris Paints An Ever-Changing Midtown, Sans Nostalgia

Morris’s show, ‘Midtown Paintings: 1998-2001,’ is on view at Petzel Gallery’s Upper East Side outpost.

Rachel Tashjian

Two Young American Photographers Walk Into A Russian Art Gallery

Not a dad joke.

Ashley Tyner

Julian Schnabel on How His van Gogh Biopic Is the ‘Mean Streets’ of Art Movies

Willem Dafoe won best actor at the Venice Film Festival for his bravura impression of the lauded painter in Julian Schnabel’s latest film.

David Ebony

Rosario Dawson, Jesse Williams, and More Recreate Iconic Norman Rockwells For Civic Duty

The campaign was created by the artist collective For Freedoms to raise awareness of diversity and democracy.

GARAGE Magazine

Alex Da Corte's Neon Ghost House Is the Stuff of Dreams—And Nightmares

The 2016 presidential election, witches on Sesame Street, and the time Andy Warhol got trapped in a stairwell are just some of the specters haunting artist Alex Da Corte.

Grant Johnson

Sex Scenes: Cut Off the Head of Your Rapist

Artemisia Gentileschi’s ‘Judith Slaying Holofernes’ is a bloody portrait of rage against an unjust system.

Rachel Rabbit White

The Future Is Liquid, Unemployed, and Ghosting Us All

I went to Bangkok to cover “Ghost:2561” and all I got was a great indigo-dyed T-shirt and simmering panic about what’s to come.

Paige Katherine Bradley

A Look Back at Mario Buatta, the ‘Prince Of Chintz’

The celebrated interior decorator died on Monday at the age of 82.

Emma Specter