Alana O’Herlihy, Fashion's Favorite New Self-Portraitist, Is Obviously a Witch

The 23-year-old artist conceptualizes five alter egos in a new series exclusively for GARAGE.

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

Dan Colen Premieres New Video, 'Carry On Cowboy'

The video, which features a new performance piece, is the first time Colen and choreographer Dimitri Chamblas have worked together.

Haley Mellin

Susan Cianciolo Wants To Take You To Garment Rehab

The artists is a badass of all trades.

Paige Katherine Bradley

The Trio Creating an L.A. Mecca for Celebrating Artists of Color

Mark Bradford, Allan DiCastro, and Eileen Harris Norton are the community catalysts behind Art + Practice.

Paige Katherine Bradley

Artist Dan Colen’s Next Act? Seasonal Blend Squash Salt

The transition from mixed-media art to not-for-profit farming isn’t necessarily the most expected one, but Dan Colen pulls it off with aplomb.

Emma Specter

Is Ariana Grande the Richard Prince of Pop Music?

The singer is facing a plagiarism lawsuit, but is she copying or just ‘referencing’? And who gets to decide?

Emma Specter

Los Angeles’s No Sesso Brings Their Wacky, Sensual Paradise To New York

“Well, all I can say is: just expect drama.”

Rachel Tashjian

Reclaiming the Trauma of ‘Clown Torture’

Artist Ondine Viñao offers a haunting, all-female take on Bruce Nauman.

Cassidy Dawn Graves

James Turrell’s MoMA PS1 Exhibition Is Closing, At His Request

Give me perfectly unobstructed lightscapes, or give me death!

Emma Specter

Swiss Mister: Tom Sachs Speaks on His New Show (and Ongoing Obsessions)

Why the artist has been infatuated, as his latest show testifies, with Switzerland.

Max Lakin

Presenting: The Most Fashionable Marxist Alive!

Rainer Granahl hosts an evening dedicated tothe fallacy of aestheticizing Marxism in fashion

Jordan Barse

In Joni Mitchell’s Self-Portraits, She Finally Makes Her Own Image

The singer’s self-portraits are a revelation in how she sees herself.

Janique Vigier