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Sotheby’​s To Auction Complete Archive of Supreme Decks

The auction house is selling the only complete archive in private hands, in an online sale launching today.
Adam Robb
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The Mother of ‘Messy’: A Look Back at Courtney Love’s ’90s Style

Courtney’s wardrobe is up for sale this week, prompting reflection on her fabulously tousled, pre-glow-up look circa Hole.
Emma Specter
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Is This $90 Million David Hockney The World’s Most Expensive Instagram-Bait?

‘​Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)’ is the highest-selling work by a living artist, but is it possible its buyer is out here doing it for the ’gram?
Emma Specter
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Would You Pay $600 for Sharon Tate’s 51-Year-Old False Eyelashes?

The actress’s makeup, clothes, books, and “film ephemera” are up for auction, accompanied by a truly terrifying YouTube beauty tutorial.
Emma Specter

The Allure of the Celebrity Estate Auction

What are we really buying when we pay thousands for Zsa Zsa Gabor’s pill bottles and strands of David Bowie’s hair?
Holly Connolly

When a Modigliani Almost Changed the Kardashians’ Lives

On Season 9 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kourtney believed she had an authentic portrait by Modigliani. “He’s major.”
Rachel Tashjian

Supreme Coasters and Venus de Willendorf Cabinets: The Best Stuff from Jim Walrod's Collection

The legendary design-head’s personal collection, on sale this week, was a museum of brilliant, unusual design.
Erin Schwartz

Awesome, You Can Finally Buy a Toboggan Autographed by Martha Stewart

We picked our favorites from an auction of props from "The Martha Stewart Show."
Erin Schwartz
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I Imagineered My Dream Apartment with Furniture from the Ritz Auction

Wicker Louis XV chairs, equestrian themes, curved velvet sofas, and a matching robe-and-slipper set!
Erin Schwartz

What Do You Do With the World’s Most Expensive Handbag?

The experts tell us about the care and use—dear God, do not carry it with denim!—of the Hermès White Himalayan Birkin.
Christopher Barnard