Garage Magazine Issue 16

How Hedi Slimane and Christian Marclay Created a Visual Sound For Celine

Tucked into Slimane’s explosive debut collection for Celine was a collaboration with artist Christian Marclay years in the making.
Haley Mellin
Garage Magazine Issue 16

How Pat McGrath and Jonathan Anderson Paid Homage to Pioneering Queer Artist Paul Thek

For Loewe’s SS19 runway show, Anderson teamed up with makeup maestro Pat McGrath for GARAGE Issue 16.
Dan Thawley
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Is This the Most Important Play About Gay Life Since “Angels In America”?

Playwright Matthew Lopez introduces a charged and harrowing excerpt from his Evening Standard Award–winning play, “The Inheritance.”
GARAGE Magazine
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Revisiting Bernardo Bertolucci’s (Vaguely) Incestuous and Queer ‘The Dreamers’

The late Bernardo Bertolucci’s NC-17 film remains as relevant today as the incendiary May 19 summer it depicts.
Rachel Rabbit White
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Tavi Gevinson Writes a Fictional eBay Listing for Prada Heels

For Sale: Major shoes, totally cursed.
tavi gevinson
Garage Magazine Issue 16

The Futuristic Italian Nightclub With Vegetable Gardens and Toga Parties

Piranhas. Plasma. Disco. At Space Electronic, the 1970s club kids of Florence were living like it was 2030.
Erin Schwartz
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Phillip Lim's Cure for Jet Lag Revealed

Direct from his new cookbook, ‘More Than Our Bellies,’ Phillip Lim shares his invigorating jet lag cure. Photographed by Viviane Sassen.
Phillip Lim