climate change

GARAGE Magazine Issue 18

Ring the Alarm: Artists Respond to Climate Change

If the purpose of art is to make people see the world in new ways—to open their eyes—then it's never been so urgent. Some artists are doing more than preaching to the choir.
Rose Lichter-Marck
GARAGE Magazine Issue 18

This Leather Jacket? It Came From a Petri Dish

In a lab in New Jersey, the scientists at Modern Meadow are creating the materials of the future.
Hayley Phelan
GARAGE Magazine Issue 18

Ahluwalia's Sustainable Streetwear for the 21st Century

From patchwork tracksuits to multinational football jerseys, designer Priya Ahluwalia centers notions of memory and heritage using repurposed fabrics.
Eileen Cartter

"Neither a Bang Nor a Whimper"

At Metrograph, a film series takes on the climate change... and the end of the world.
jackson arn

Watch People Break Shit For The Environment

GARAGE has the exclusive world premiere of Doug Aitken's documentation of "The Garden," his new installation at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.
Haley Mellin
GARAGE Magazine Issue 17

Josh Kline's Water Damage

The dissolving images from the artist's 'Climate Change' project ask us to come to terms with the dissolution of American power.
Haley Mellin

Can an Underwater Desert Restore Jamaica’s Ailing Coral?

Swiss artist Claudia Comte is betting on it.
Brian Boucher

How to Hypebeast Your Way Through the Climate Apocalypse

It's happening, folks.
Tatum Dooley

Marina Abramović's Newest Performance is An App Designed To Fight Climate Change

The Rising app shows an avatar of Abramović surrounded by melting ice caps, inside a glass tank that slowly fills with water — and only we can save her by pledging to support the environment.
Nadja Sayej
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Group Therapy for the End of the World

Kyle Chayka travels to a workshop in rural Sweden run by a co-founder of a shadowy environmental activist group seeking answers. He found a sense of impending doom, both personal and planet-wide. Photographed by Carolyn Drake.
Kyle Chayka

III Points Festival Rocks Storm-Tossed Miami

A diverse bill at this year's edition of Miami's III Points offered some respite from a storm season to end them all. But was it just fiddling while Rome burned?
Monica Uszerowicz