Garage Magazine Issue 16

Martine Gutierrez's Self-Portraits Make the Old New Again

The artist explores media, pop culture, and spirituality in a new series exclusively for GARAGE's Issue 16.
Diana Tourjée
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Ladyfag Will Help You Find Yourself...Or Lose Yourself...Or Both

The party priestess wants to create a refuge for "other people."
Emma Specter
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Jeremy O. Harris Wrote His Own Daddy Into Existence

“It ended up working in this meta way,” says the 29-year-old playwright. Photographed by Robert Nethery.
Mark Guiducci
Garage Magazine Issue 16

King Kerby: Inside the World of Pyer Moss

Two years ago, Kerby Jean-Raymond almost gave up. One CFDA/‘Vogue’ Fashion Fund win later, he all but runs New York fashion. Portrait by Chase Hall.
Rachel Tashjian
Garage Magazine Issue 16

The Buddhist-Inspired Murakami Sculpture Behind Billie Eilish's GARAGE Cover

Takashi Murakami’s 2012 “Split” is a brilliant anomaly for an artist who otherwise says, “I’m utterly vulgar.”
Mark Guiducci
Garage Magazine Issue 16

Billie Eilish by Takashi Murakami Covers GARAGE Magazine

Billie Eilish’s brand of indie music is everything you wish you’d had when you were 17. Here, a fan shares her notes on loving Billie.
Diamond Sharp
Viva La Lohan

Reappraising ‘The Canyons’: The Lindsay Lohan Comeback That Never Was

Directed by Paul Schrader and written by Bret Easton Ellis, the film showed how naturally sadness came to Lindsay Lohan.
Annie Lord

Presenting: The Most Fashionable Marxist Alive!

Rainer Granahl hosts an evening dedicated tothe fallacy of aestheticizing Marxism in fashion
Jordan Barse

This Old Naomi Campbell Interview Is One of the Best Things On the Internet Right Now

“If I’m gonna be remembered for something, I want to be remembered for being a bitch.”
Georgie Wright

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rooftop Jerkoff: The Most Important Self-Sex Act in Cinema

It isn’t embarrassing. It’s almost romantic.
Trey Taylor

In “Shirkers,” a Stolen Slasher Road Flick Becomes Documentary Gold

A new documentary tells the story of the director who spent decades chasing the man who stole her film.
Zsófia Paulikovics
Andy Warhol

I Made Three of Andy Warhol’s Weirdest Soup Flavors

Vegetarian Vegetable, Hot Dog Bean, Scotch Broth: what we can learn from these bizarre icons.
Melanie Woods