This Old Naomi Campbell Interview Is One of the Best Things On the Internet Right Now

“If I’m gonna be remembered for something, I want to be remembered for being a bitch.”
Georgie Wright

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rooftop Jerkoff: The Most Important Self-Sex Act in Cinema

It isn’t embarrassing. It’s almost romantic.
Trey Taylor

In “Shirkers,” a Stolen Slasher Road Flick Becomes Documentary Gold

A new documentary tells the story of the director who spent decades chasing the man who stole her film.
Zsófia Paulikovics
Andy Warhol

I Made Three of Andy Warhol’s Weirdest Soup Flavors

Vegetarian Vegetable, Hot Dog Bean, Scotch Broth: what we can learn from these bizarre icons.
Melanie Woods
Clothes Before Prose

In ‘The Haunting of Hill House,’ Clothes Make (and Ruin) the Women

Shirley Jackson’s gothic masterpiece is attuned to suspense and style in equal measure.
Nadia Bailey
right now

Rosario Dawson, Jesse Williams, and More Recreate Iconic Norman Rockwells For Civic Duty

The campaign was created by the artist collective For Freedoms to raise awareness of diversity and democracy.
GARAGE Magazine
Clothes Before Prose

The Problem with Joan Didion’s ‘Good Taste’ in ‘Play It As It Lays’

The novel ‘Play It As It Lays’ is filled with brand names, but all those Pucci blouses and chic white clothes are just a way to stay in control.
Holly Connolly

The Love Poems of Japan’s Heian Court Were the Original Thirst Texts

In this week's Sex Scenes, the ability to write poetry of beauty illustrated the external beauty of Heian-era writers.
Rachel Rabbit White
Clothes Before Prose

In “The Secret History,” Dressing Well Has Murderous Possibilities

Tartt’s debut novel shows the fine line you walk when dressing for the world you want.
Drew Zeiba
sex scenes

Sex Scenes: What’s the Role of a 122-Year-Old Painting in a #MeToo World?

On Politicizing the Nymph.
Rachel Rabbit White
right now

Remember When This $80 Million Hockney Painting Was Parodied on “BoJack Horseman”?

The painting was knocked off, horse-style, on season one of ”BoJack Horseman.”
Emma Specter
tee of the week

A Museum T-Shirt for Real Art Heads

If you can’t get a vintage museum shirt, this is the next best thing.
Chris Black