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Why Mitski Is Wearing a Swim Cap On “Be the Cowboy”

Her photographer tells us about the ’50s vibe she and the musician wanted.
Emma Specter
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BlacKkKlansman’s Costume Designer Channeled the Best and Most Monstrous of ’70s Fashion

Marci Rodgers researched what made black detective Ron Stallworth look cool, and KKK leader David Duke look evil.
Tahirah Hairston

Am I Addicted to a Comme Des Garçons Jacket? A Therapist Weighs In

After an exhaustive three-year obsession with a jacket, one woman talks to a consumer behavior specialist about why she can’t stop hunting.
Madeleine Holth

How The B-52s Crafted a Legendary Look Out of Wigs

Talking with the two women of The B-52s about teasing their incredible style out of beehive hairdos.
Scarlett Newman

Los Angeles: The City of Dreams and Sprawling Art Book Fairs

A recent boom in the City of Angel’s art book fair scene shows the enthusiasm and heterogeneity of its creative community.
Angella D'Avignon

Dennis Rodman Was a Harbinger of This Golden and Hellish Age of Celebrity-Dominated Politics

In an age of social media and ever-escalating spectacle, the state would love us to keep paying attention.
Travis Diehl
Clothes Before Prose

How Tom Wolfe Made Clothing a Man’s Deepest Trait in “Bonfire of the Vanities”

In the Tom Wolfe classic, the superficial layer revealed everything you needed to know about a person.
Max Lakin

The Future According to Pornhub

The porn platform has recently invested in philanthropy and collaborations with artists, including the “Pornhub Nation” exhibition in Los Angeles. But should we buy Pornhub as an advocate for good sexual politics?
Daphne Milner
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A Brief, Surprisingly Limber History of Celebrities in Toe Shoes

After Laurence Fishburne stepped out wearing Vibram’s FiveFingers sneakers in Hollywood this week, we ask: why do celebrities love the utilitarian foot gloves to begin with?
Erin Schwartz

For a Rising Generation of Hyper-Rich Women, the American Dream Is Whatever They Want

“Wealth [is] much more than money. [It’s] whatever gave us value; sexuality, branding, even youth.”
Daphne Milner

Hit Play on the Maximum Chill, Mind-Enhancing Sonic Drugs That Could Change Your Life

Binaural beats promise happiness, spiritual peace, even DNA repair and hypnosis—all through the power of sound. What do they really deliver?
Alexander Iadaorla

Why Are We Obsessed with Female Artists’ Clothing, but Not Men’s?

A new exhibition on Frida Kahlo, and one last year on Georgia O’Keefe, raises questions of why we do not examine male artists in the same way.
Sarah Moroz