David Hockney


Jeff Koons is, Once Again, Daddy

Koons just sold his 'Rabbit' sculpture for $91.1 million, dethroning David Hockney as the highest-selling living artist.
Emma Specter
Michael Jackson

Jeff Koons and Michael Jackson’s Pet Chimp, Bubbles, Are Both Powerfully Evocative Artists

Koons sculpted Bubbles in 1988, decades before the chimp’s painting career took off in earnest.
Emma Specter
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Is This $90 Million David Hockney The World’s Most Expensive Instagram-Bait?

‘​Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)’ is the highest-selling work by a living artist, but is it possible its buyer is out here doing it for the ’gram?
Emma Specter
right now

Remember When This $80 Million Hockney Painting Was Parodied on “BoJack Horseman”?

The painting was knocked off, horse-style, on season one of ”BoJack Horseman.”
Emma Specter

David Hockney Spills the Tea on the Old Masters’ Collusion with Photography

In GARAGE No. 6, we examined how the British artist shocked the art establishment at the turn of the 21st century by asserting a deeper link between the Old Masters and photography than had previously been suspected.
Gabriel Morgan

The Met Proves That David Hockney Is More Than Just the Pool Guy

David Hockney's blockbuster retrospective offers total immersion into the life and taboo-busting work of a British master. GARAGE asked the show's curator how he approached presenting the oeuvre of an artist who's still innovative at age 80.
Paul Laster