Some Iconic Album Artwork Hits the Equally Iconic Shell Chair

Sit on your Unknown Pleasures Pleasures chair while you listen to your Joy Division original pressing record and think about how you're losing your edge.

Tyler Watamanuk

We Accept the Kitsch We Think We Deserve

What's so alluring about carpeted, pastel bathrooms anyway?

Colleen Kelsey

A Sculpture/Chair That Asks "Who Is Going to Grab My Booty?"

Martine Syms' "chair" sculptures are more than meets the eye.

Tyler Watamanuk

The Secret History of the Bauhaus

A new book examines the radical veneer behind the Bauhaus' clean-cut aesthetics.

Angelica Frey

MAD Architects Founder Ma Yansong Wants to Live In Harmony

The Chinese architect's buildings may be futuristic, but they are inspired by nature.

Michael Webb

A Funky 1970's Office Chair From a Simpler Time

The Hannah-Morrison "2038" chair makes us want to leave the co-working spaces for shag carpeting and a doobie.

Tyler Watamanuk

Sitting Pretty: These Amigo Modern Snack Chairs Won’t Save the World

(And maybe that's ok)

Tyler Watamanuk

Sitting Pretty: Frank Ocean Has Expert-Level Taste in Sofas

A Pierre Paulin statement couch like this one is meant to be noticed.

Tyler Watamanuk

Celebrating Moscow's Avant Garde

A crucible of modernism is being restored.

Michael Webb

Sitting Pretty: Mario Milana Makes Peculiar Furniture Feel Elegant

Milana worked under designers Denis Santachiara and Karim Rashid before striking out on his own.

Tyler Watamanuk

Is Maximalism the Most Overlooked Art Movement Ever?

A new show at ICA Boston might just be the remedy.

Nadja Sayej

Bali's First Design Festival is Making Luxury Sustainable

Potato Head Bali featured designers from Virgil Abloh to Max Lamb.

Nadja Sayej