This Pair of Sunglasses Helps Clean Up the Ocean

100% of the proceeds from the sale of Yves Béhar's collaboration with The Ocean Cleanup go to the cleanup of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Haley Mellin

I Will Follow These Craigslist Chairs to the Ends of the Earth

Mentally, I am here.

Eileen Cartter

Dumpster Diving for Vodka in Reykjavík

Icelandic designer Björn Steinar is fighting food waste by making sustainable single-origin spirits out of discarded fruit.

Eileen Cartter

McCombe Thompson Is Building On Instinct

Meet the design duo who found their voice by seeking stillness.

Ashley Tyner

Lettuce, Once and For All

A big-ticket Sotheby’s sale of Dodie Thayer “lettuce ware” cements a kitschy trend for our keto-times. Real (lettuce) heads only.

Eileen Cartter

Siting Pretty: Fashion Or Furniture?

At Art Basel, Miu Miu and Balenciaga both revealed collaborations for you to take a seat.

Tyler Watamanuk

A Heavenly Sofa For Hellish Times

You've had a long day and all you want to do is get home and sink into your Togo sofa, "a cloud of happiness."

Tyler Watamanuk

Some Iconic Album Artwork Hits the Equally Iconic Shell Chair

Sit on your Unknown Pleasures Pleasures chair while you listen to your Joy Division original pressing record and think about how you're losing your edge.

Tyler Watamanuk

We Accept the Kitsch We Think We Deserve

What's so alluring about carpeted, pastel bathrooms anyway?

Colleen Kelsey

A Sculpture/Chair That Asks "Who Is Going to Grab My Booty?"

Martine Syms' "chair" sculptures are more than meets the eye.

Tyler Watamanuk

MAD Architects Founder Ma Yansong Wants to Live In Harmony

The Chinese architect's buildings may be futuristic, but they are inspired by nature.

Michael Webb

The Secret History of the Bauhaus

A new book examines the radical veneer behind the Bauhaus' clean-cut aesthetics.

Angelica Frey