Sitting Pretty: The Agile and Artful Playfulness of the Bardi’s Bowl Chair

The chair is "a reflection of the late architect’s vibrant spirit and a creative fusion of her two cultures."

Tyler Watamanuk

Sitting Pretty: Would You Buy a Sneaker-Inspired Chair?

Vans + Modernica = maximum hypebeast comfort.

Tyler Watamanuk

The Futuristic Italian Nightclub With Vegetable Gardens and Toga Parties

Piranhas. Plasma. Disco. At Space Electronic, the 1970s club kids of Florence were living like it was 2030.

Erin Schwartz

Everything I Would Pour Into This Virgil Abloh x Evian Water Bottle

From Kanye’s tears to a green smoothie handmade by Gwyneth Paltrow, this bottle is reserved for the most precious of liquid cargo.

Emma Specter

Sitting Pretty: The Grail-Level Chair That Looks Like a Pair of Damn Scissors

In the first installment of his hyperspecific new interior design column, Tyler Watamanuk explores the Scissors Chair.

Tyler Watamanuk

What's Up With the Bathroom Door on 'Russian Doll'?

We spoke to the Netflix series's production designer to get the full story.

Emma Specter

The Rise of The Supreme Therapist™

In the era of the aesthetics-obsessed hypebeast, can you judge a therapist by their office?

Jocelyn Silver

Why Do Artists Make Toys?

You can get a Jackson Pollock plastic bear! But should you?

Marc Richardson

Behold: An Entire Office Covered in Balenciaga Logos

Designer Harry Nuriev has created a collection of Balenciaga-themed furniture.

Rachel Tashjian

Loewe Releases a Collection Inspired by Charles Rennie Mackintosh

Finally, the Art Nouveau movement gets the merch it deserves!

Rachel Tashjian

The Glenstone Museum’s New Pavilions Combine Art with Nature

A new cluster of galleries at this private museum in Maryland opened in early October.

Michael Webb

Inside the World of Designer Coffins

Specialized coffin designers reflect a desire for more personal touches in the afterlife.

Pippa Wysong