Sheila Hicks Says There Are No Limitations—And We Believe Her!

On a summer afternoon in Paris, GARAGE brought together artist Sheila Hicks and Sies Marjan designer Sander Lak for a conversation about light, the difference between art and fashion, and upending the oppressive cycles that are thrust onto creators.

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MoMA and Yayoi Kusama Team up on Extremely Limited-Edition Skate Decks

Kusama altered the designs by hand-painting the mockups!

Tyler Watamanuk

IKEA & Per B. Sundberg Want You to Put Ugly Things in Your Apartment

The new collaboration brings the ugly-chic fashion trend to home goods.

Tyler Watamanuk

To Capture Kanye & Beyoncé's Set Designer, Bring Giant Hands and Plenty of Glitter

Photographer Hollie Fernando talks about shooting Es Devlin at her home in London.

Daphne Milner

How Is Kanye West’s Low-Income Housing Going to Work?

Images of a prefabricated concrete structure for Yeezy Home are beautiful, but don’t tell us much about how West will meet the challenges of high design on a mass scale.

Erin Schwartz

Meet the Collector Who Transformed His Home Into a Far-Out Design Museum

Verner Panton’s joyful, hyper-saturated interiors were the peak of 1970s design. We spoke to Niklas, a collector on a mission to recreate Panton’s distinctive environments today.

Erin Schwartz

Who Says Architects Have to Make Buildings?

At the Venice Architecture Biennale, some of the most exciting exhibitions were provisional and collectively produced.

Sam Holleran

Chromeo Has a New Album, But They’d Also Love to Talk About Rare Mid-Century Sofas

The Canadian electro-pop duo behind “Fancy Footwork” and “Jealous” are huge design nerds!

Brittany Richmond

Isamu Noguchi and Drew Barrymore Are Basically BFFS: GARAGE Does Six Degrees of Separation

From neo-futurist design to SZA’s “Ctrl,” we traced a path through decades of art, fashion, and design to connect two of our faves.

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A Furniture Collection as Purple as Fenty Lipstick and Marina Abramović’s Sofas

In a new collaboration between Crosby Studios and Opening Ceremony, the dominant shade is “selfish, powerful, and eccentric, but also kind and fair.”

Erin Schwartz

A Shoppable Soho Townhouse Will Help You Create the Ettore Sottsass Apartment of Your Dreams

Raquel’s Dream House, a one-month furniture exhibition by Raquel Cayre, is trying to bring Memphis Group, Italian Radical, and contemporary design within reach.

Erin Schwartz

Supreme Coasters and Venus de Willendorf Cabinets: The Best Stuff from Jim Walrod's Collection

The legendary design-head’s personal collection, on sale this week, was a museum of brilliant, unusual design.

Erin Schwartz