Lord Snowdon Co-Designed the World's Strangest Aviary

The Earl of Snowdon—Princess Margaret's husband—teamed up with "anti-architect" Cedric Price and structural engineer Frank Newby to build an improbable, ambitious home for the London Zoo's birds.

Noah Chasin

Ben Carson's $31,000 Dining Room Set Is Unethical, and It's Also Ugly

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development is trying to return the furniture.

Erin Schwartz

Chen Chen and Kai Williams Are Designing the Crystal Chandeliers of the Future

The design duo uses every material and process imaginable to create its ebullient, playful works.

Erin Schwartz

The New Bottega Veneta Store is Your Home Away from Home

The Maison, designed by Tomas Maier, combines three (three!) Upper East Side townhouses, and is accompanied by a New York-themed capsule collection.

Erin Schwartz

See Inside Designer Harry Nuriev’s Electric Blue Apartment

The Moscow-born designer makes furniture in one color at a time, and we got a preview of his next hue.

Erin Schwartz

Your Scandi Minimalist Dream Home Is Waiting at Stockholm Design Week

At Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, there were terrazzo-esque platforms, fortune-cookie lounge chairs, hygge vibes all around, and lots of forest green.

Sean Santiago

The London Bauhaus Designed a Socialist Utopia for Penguins

The 20th-century German design movement is often associated with tubular chairs and streamlined workspaces, but the Bauhaus was invested in the natural kingdom from the start.

Erin Schwartz

The Millennial Paradox of Tide PODS

Accompanied by an original artwork​ from Chloe Wise, our generation's consummate painter of food, GARAGE undertakes an exploration of Tide PODS: why?

Erin Schwartz

Good Heavens, The Vatican is Doing a Communications Rebrand

The Holy See announced this week that they’ve hired a consultant to expand and craft a brand identity for Vatican News.

Erin Schwartz

The Most Immortal Palm Tree in the World

Keep your warm-weather fantasies alive with this very good palm tree floor lamp.

Erin Schwartz

Helmut Lang’s Bra Purse is Now a Bra Purse Sculpture

Artist Rose Salane repurposes pieces from Shayne Oliver’s debut Helmut Lang collection into found-object sculptures, on view at the label’s New York and Los Angeles stores.

Erin Schwartz

At Design Miami, We Found Your Future Sofa For Your Futuristic Home

The Campana brothers' Bomboca Sofa was a favorite at Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades pavilion at this week's Design Miami fair. Supported by Louis Vuitton.

Erin Schwartz