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Sex Scenes: Stormy Daniels, Our Lady of ‘Fuck Trump’

The porn director, actress, and writer took on no less a target than the President of the United States, mirroring sex workers’ fight for justice.
Rachel Rabbit White
5 days ago

Dennis Rodman Was a Harbinger of This Golden and Hellish Age of Celebrity-Dominated Politics

In an age of social media and ever-escalating spectacle, the state would love us to keep paying attention.
Travis Diehl
right now

How Is Kanye West’s Low-Income Housing Going to Work?

Images of a prefabricated concrete structure for Yeezy Home are beautiful, but don’t tell us much about how West will meet the challenges of high design on a mass scale.
Erin Schwartz
right now

Should We Dress Like Kanye West, or Kim Kardashian?

In “Violent Crimes,” Kanye says he hopes his daughter dresses more like him than Kim. But what about Kim’s Vetements moment at the White House?
Rachel Tashjian

Judge in Michael Cohen Case Is Pragmatic, Fair—and a Fashion Icon

Senior U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood has a fantastic wardrobe of spirited classics.
Rachel Tashjian

What Donald Trump and Versace’s Killer Have in Common

Trump’s father once told him, “You are a killer...You are a king.”
Philippa Snow

Eric Fischl's New Paintings Skewer Trump-Era Privilege

The artist pulls no punches in depicting 45 as a red-nosed clown.
Emily McDermott

A Play at a Harlem Funeral Home Confronts the Absurdities of Trump

Artist Rainer Ganahl's take on Alfred Jarry's wild satirical classic digs deep into the current regime's alternative reality.
Sarah Valdez

This TREMENDOUS Artist's SAD Paintings Mine The Donald's BEAUTIFUL Lexicon

The president's oh-so-special way with words seeps into Wayne White's new paintings.
Daisy Alioto

Teju Cole Performs the Trump Nightmare

Author, critic, photographer, and now performance artist Teju Cole distills the tumult of the past year in the US into a dark, oneiric presentation.
Orit Gat

Michael Landy, An Artist Famous For Destruction, Turns His Eye To Trump

British artist Michael Landy, notorious for destroying all his own possessions in public for 2001's performance installation "Break Down," takes on the president, Brexit, and the culture of protest.
Paul Laster