Did 'Rear Window' Turn Chartreuse Into Fashion's Favorite Color?

The 1954 Hitchcock film used the eerie green shade to illuminate Kim Novak's role as detective.

Tatum Dooley

Gabo Guzzo's One-Of-A-Kind Handbags Merge Fashion, Jewelry, and Art

"It's not about consumption at any cost. It's about creating a relationship with the object."

Evan Ross Katz

7 Dresses That Define Thierry Mugler, From Cardi B to Kim K

Remember Beyoncé's Mugler motorcycle bustier?

Nadja Sayej

The Fashion Industry Needs Kimora Lee Simmons' Baby Phat Relaunch, Stat

Simmons' brand dates back to 1999, but in an era of blackface and blackfishing, it's never felt more relevant.

Mary Anderson

The Bromance of Nick Jonas and John Stamos: A Play In Four Acts

This is the internet I want to live in.

Evan Ross Katz

Victor Polster, the Breakout Star of 'Girl', Embodies the Balletic Spirit of the Spring Collections

The Belgian actor and dancer is the star of the controversial film finally being released Friday. Photographer: Estelle Hanaia. Fashion Editor: Benoit Bethume.

GARAGE Magazine

Trend Forecasting: Vintage Polly Pocket Lockets from eBay

Forget Barbie; could Jeremy Scott or Vaquera make 1990s-era Polly Pocket the next (hehe) micro-influencer?

Emma Specter

On the Enduring Bland Appeal of Brooks Brothers—and the Freaks Who Love It

How has this brand been around for so long?

Melvin Backman

Did 'The Lizzie McGuire Movie' Invent Couture?

Fashion Week may be over, but the makeover montage will never die.

Emma Specter

The Rise and Rise of the Big Pink Dress

From Villanelle to Tracee Ellis Ross to Kacey Musgraves, frothy, exultant femininity is the new black.

Hannah Williams

Is Cyborg Couture the Future of Fashion?

From McQueen to Dior, robots might be the runway's logical inheritors.

Tatum Dooley

Watch the Louis Vuitton Women's Fall-Winter 2019 Show Live

Livestream the show at 12:00 PM EST to see the Fall-Winter 2019 collection.

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