Dolce & Gabbana Has Us Believing We Should Ban Selfies

Emily Ratajkowski’s favorite photographer, Emanuele d’Angelo, captured a selfie-free evening at the brand’s Mercer Street store.

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Michelle Obama Paid for All Her Own Clothes and Accessories as First Lady

Obama discusses her beloved stylist, her Oscar de la Renta feud, and more in an ‘Elle’ excerpt from her new memoir.

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A History of the Fanny Pack, From Pre-History to Supreme to Paris Runways

The whole tale of fashion’s most divisive accessories.

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Palace, Hot Ralph Lauren Collaborator, Peddles Demented Haikus & Skatewear

Everything you need to know about Palace is in their deranged product copy.

Max Lakin

There’s a Katherine Bernhardt Café in Dallas Now

Named after a Breeders song! Very dope.

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Marc Jacobs’s Grunge Redux: The Fashion Nerd Is the New Hypebeast

The designer is tapping into the burgeoning generation of fashion nerds and luxury collectors.

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The Wild, Obsessive World of Mary-Kate and Ashley Instagram Fan Accounts

The notoriously private designers do not use Instagram, but their presence is all over the platform.

Rachel Tashjian

The Story Behind Lil Kim’s Iconic Louis Vuitton Logo-Print Portrait

David LaChapelle tells us the whole history of how the image came together. Plus: a casino-themed Kardashian family Christmas card.

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Miles Richie and the Rise of the ‘Legacy Model’

GARAGE sits down with model Miles Richie, son of—well, you know—to discuss his expanding career.

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Every Fashion Brand Involved In Cardi B And Nicki Minaj’s Beef

GARAGE presents your guide to the clash of the impeccably dressed rap titans.

Emma Specter

In ‘The Haunting of Hill House,’ Clothes Make (and Ruin) the Women

Shirley Jackson’s gothic masterpiece is attuned to suspense and style in equal measure.

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I Bought Fake Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers and Boy Do They...Smell Weird?

Our new sneaker columnist takes fake hype sneakers for a spin.

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