GARAGE Magazine Issue 18

Dressing for An Unholy Matrimony

If knocking on heaven’s door, drape yourself in lace and exquisite embroideries. God will surely answer. Photographed by Luis Alberto Rodriguez. Fashion Editor: Patti Wilson​.
GARAGE Magazine
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales Celebrates the Female Need to Tell Stories

Ruth Ossai’s portfolio for GARAGE continues the tradition with a portfolio of Nollywood’s leading female voices.
Rachel Tashjian
sex scenes

The Love Poems of Japan’s Heian Court Were the Original Thirst Texts

In this week's Sex Scenes, the ability to write poetry of beauty illustrated the external beauty of Heian-era writers.
Rachel Rabbit White
sex scenes

Sex Scenes: What’s the Role of a 122-Year-Old Painting in a #MeToo World?

On Politicizing the Nymph.
Rachel Rabbit White

The New Trend in Luxury Perfume? Smelling Normal

Concrete, teeth, and elevator music are just a few of the scents that perfume houses are now peddling.
Erin Schwartz
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

New York’s Best Fashion Designers Are Descendants of This ’90s Art Collective

GARAGE captures how the work of new visionaries like Eckhaus Latta and Lou Dallas are carrying on the art-house spirit of ’90s art collective Bernadette Corporation.
Isabel Flower

The Artist Who Sees Your Flood of Pollution and Raises You a Wave of Symbolism

Jonny Negron is dealing with information overload and literal trash through his iconic paintings.
David Muenzer
right now

BlacKkKlansman’s Costume Designer Channeled the Best and Most Monstrous of ’70s Fashion

Marci Rodgers researched what made black detective Ron Stallworth look cool, and KKK leader David Duke look evil.
Tahirah Hairston

Am I Addicted to a Comme Des Garçons Jacket? A Therapist Weighs In

After an exhaustive three-year obsession with a jacket, one woman talks to a consumer behavior specialist about why she can’t stop hunting.
Madeleine Holth

Myra Breckinridge Was an Agent of Doom for the American Male

The Hollywood adaption of Gore Vidal’s controversial 1968 novel with a trans heroine is screening in LA for one night only as part of a queer cinema festival.
Andy Campbell

David Wojnarowicz Is My Shepherd, and I Want All the Beauty

A retrospective of an artists’ artist displays the wrathful gorgeousness of queer art as AIDS approached.
Paige Katherine Bradley

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: How Dental Care Went Luxury

From tortoiseshell toothbrushes with silk bristles to “marine bio-active” mouthwash, dental hygiene is going upscale in the age of high-end essentials.
Alex Ronan