Garage Magazine Issue 16

French Actress Soko Shares Exclusive Photos From the Birth of Her First Child

In her own words, French actress and musician (and Gucci muse) Soko on the most radical love there is: a mother’s for her child. Photographed by Janell Shirtcliff.
4 days ago
Clothes Before Prose

In ‘The Haunting of Hill House,’ Clothes Make (and Ruin) the Women

Shirley Jackson’s gothic masterpiece is attuned to suspense and style in equal measure.
Nadia Bailey
The Faults In Our Stars

Our Joker: What We Talk About When We Talk About Joaquin Phoenix

Philippa Snow
Clothes Before Prose

The Problem with Joan Didion’s ‘Good Taste’ in ‘Play It As It Lays’

The novel ‘Play It As It Lays’ is filled with brand names, but all those Pucci blouses and chic white clothes are just a way to stay in control.
Holly Connolly
GARAGE House of Horrors

Charlie Fox Presents a Scary Story To Read In Your Bat Cave

In a new short story exclusive to GARAGE, Charlie Fox tells the tale of a young gal whose commitment to DIY costume crafting evolves into something more sinister. Photographed by Sue de Beer.
Charlie Fox
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Humanoid Robot Bina48 Wants Cool Friends and Dreams of Pizza

Android Bina48 was designed to emulate a living person, but she has a mind of her own. Alex Ronan speaks to the enigmatic robot about coolness, loneliness, and her incredible, terrifying dreams.
Alex Ronan
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Ruth Ossai Photographs the Women of Nollywood in Miu Miu

In celebration of Miu Miu's Women's Tales series, which celebrates female filmmakers, the Nigerian-born photographer trains her lens on the country's booming film industry, and the women within it. Photographed by Ruth Ossai. Fashion Editor: Daniel Obasi.
GARAGE Magazine
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Is a Luxury Object Made in a Lab More Desirable One Made by Hand?

The idea of machine-made indulgences is increasingly competing with handcrafted counterparts. Will a lab-grown Birkin soon have as long a waiting list as a crocodile one?
Lou Stoppard

“I’m Here for the Bling”: Meet the Teens of Couture Week

Some attendees at fashion’s most exclusive week are barely old enough to drink or drive.
Rachel Tashjian
right now

What’s Fashion Without Streetwear? An Italian Countess Who Trusts Nothing But Family

Couture Week shows us what fashion is thinking about when it's not thinking about streetwear.
Rachel Tashjian

A First Look at Mickalene Thomas' Newest Fashion Photographs

The Brooklyn-based artist sat down with GARAGE to discuss Shayne Oliver, James Baldwin, and her newest series of photographs, which feature Junya Watanabe, Proenza Schouler, and Fendi.
Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

Class Appropriation in Fashion Is Real, and Impossible to Talk About

Criticism of cultural appropriation in fashion has been powerful and effective. Why have references to class avoided a similar level of scrutiny?
Erin Schwartz