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The Louis Vuitton Guide to the Siberian Airport

Members of Louis Vuitton's social media team were stranded at Irkutsk International Airport for three days (!!!)
Emma Specter
4 days ago
Andy Warhol

A Definitive, Scholarly Ranking of Warhol Portrayals in Film

GARAGE puts the many cinematic representations of cinematic Andy Warhol in their correct order.
Emma Specter

In “Shirkers,” a Stolen Slasher Road Flick Becomes Documentary Gold

A new documentary tells the story of the director who spent decades chasing the man who stole her film.
Zsófia Paulikovics
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Julian Schnabel on How His van Gogh Biopic Is the ‘Mean Streets’ of Art Movies

Willem Dafoe won best actor at the Venice Film Festival for his bravura impression of the lauded painter in Julian Schnabel’s latest film.
David Ebony
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‘Mid90s’ Gets It Right: A Skate Betty Reviews Jonah Hill’s Film Debut

Costume designer Heidi Bivens combed through ’90s skate magazines for inspiration.
Zoe Dubno
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Hood By Air’s Former CEO Made Your Favorite New Cult Nightclub Film

Leilah Weinraub’s Shakedown is now screening at Gavin Brown’s Enterprise.
Holly Connolly
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As the World’s First Fashion Film Fest Turns 10, Its Goth Founder Reflects

The founder of one of the first fashion blogs and the first fashion film festival, Diane Pernet is just getting started.
Nadja Sayej

In “A Star Is Born,” Barbra Streisand’s Clothing Was a Source of Power

Gaga has won accolades for stripping herself down, but for Streisand, the never-ending rotation of great clothes was an expression of her creative control.
Scarlett Newman
sex scenes

Sex Scenes: LA Is a Lesbian

On queering the City of Angels in "Mulholland Drive."
Rachel Rabbit White
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Miu Miu’s Women’s Tales Celebrates the Female Need to Tell Stories

Ruth Ossai’s portfolio for GARAGE continues the tradition with a portfolio of Nollywood’s leading female voices.
Rachel Tashjian

Rachel Maclean Hates Good Taste

The Glasgow-based artist's new film, "Make Me Up," is a bubblegum pink feminist fantasia.
Hettie Judah
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The Joker: The Art World’s Best Patron

Joaquin Phoenix is just the latest performance artist to take on the role.
Angella D'Avignon