Supreme Coasters and Venus de Willendorf Cabinets: The Best Stuff from Jim Walrod's Collection

The legendary design-head’s personal collection, on sale this week, was a museum of brilliant, unusual design.
Erin Schwartz

Why Noguchi's Akari Lamps Should be Taken Seriously as Art

A new show at the Noguchi Museum, "Akari: Sculpture by Other Means," will make you see the ubiquitous paper lanterns in a new way.
Julian A. Jimarez Howard

See Inside Designer Harry Nuriev’s Electric Blue Apartment

The Moscow-born designer makes furniture in one color at a time, and we got a preview of his next hue.
Erin Schwartz
The Best In the World

The Most Immortal Palm Tree in the World

Keep your warm-weather fantasies alive with this very good palm tree floor lamp.
Erin Schwartz
Art Basel Miami Beach

At Design Miami, We Found Your Future Sofa For Your Futuristic Home

The Campana brothers' Bomboca Sofa was a favorite at Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades pavilion at this week's Design Miami fair. Supported by Louis Vuitton.
Erin Schwartz
Art Basel Miami Beach

It's a Snake! It's an Alien Afterbirth! It's....Some of the Coolest Furniture You've Ever Seen!

Katie Stout, whose new show just opened in Miami, makes delightful and bizarre furniture that looks like everything but.
Hannah Goldfield

The 6 Most Amazing Objects at The Salon Art + Design

The 2017 edition of The Salon Art + Design is stuffed with treasures ancient and modern, flashy and restrained. Here are our top picks.
Eugenia Bell