GARAGE Magazine Issue 17

"Can We Live?” is the theme of GARAGE Issue 17. On the cover, Zendaya by Simone Leigh. Photographed by Ryan McGinley, wearing Tiffany & Co.

"Can We Live?” is the theme of GARAGE Issue 17. On the cover, Zendaya by Simone Leigh. Photographed by Ryan McGinley, wearing Tiffany & Co.

Zendaya and Simone Leigh Reunite for a Bad Bitch Link-Up in LA

GARAGE went West to toast the Issue 17 cover stars with an intimate dinner at Chateau Marmont.

Ashley Tyner

GARAGE Fusions: Solange x Jacolby Satterwhite

In their individual practices, Solange and multimedia artist Jacolby Satterwhite have always done things their own way. Together, they became a force of nature. Photographer: Ronan McKenzie. Fashion Editor: Kyle Luu.

Thea Ballard

GARAGE Fusions: Robyn x Samara Scott

The pop singer Robyn and the artist Samara Scott are both interested in exploring their feelings, and in the process, uncovering the very things that make us human. Photographer: Luke Gilford. Fashion Editor: Dogukan Nesanir

Emma Specter

GARAGE Fusions: Telfar x Jeremy O. Harris

Fashion designer Telfar Clemens and theater world luminary Jeremy O. Harris are thinking about the country, and their future. Photography: Roe Ethridge. Fashion Editor: Avena Gallagher

Laia Garcia-Furtado

Is That a $20 Bill? Would Be a Shame If Someone Were To... Stamp It

When the U.S. Treasury Department hit pause on a plan to replace Andrew Jackson’s portrait with Harriet Tubman’s on the $20 bill, artist Dano Wall took matters into his own hands.

Emma Specter

The Other Side of the Light

The last moments of daylight bring about a certain melancholy that inspires quiet contemplation in fall fashion’s most dramatic shapes. Photographed by Sarah Piantadosi; Fashion Editor Matt Holmes.

GARAGE Magazine

Turn the Volume All the Way Up

The world is ending. Take up space. Photographed by Casper Sejersen. Fashion Editor Patti Wilson.

GARAGE Magazine

MAD Architects Founder Ma Yansong Wants to Live In Harmony

The Chinese architect's buildings may be futuristic, but they are inspired by nature.

Michael Webb

Please, Drag Me.

Popularized by actors and drag queens, the contour makeup trend lets you become whoever you want to be. Until you wash your face, that is. Photographed by Estelle Hanania. Fashion Editor: Victoire Simonney.

Philippa Snow

Pat Steir Is Reinventing the Color Wheel

Her new body of work will be shown at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington DC later this month.

Nadja Sayej

The Real Housewives of Inwood

This season's clothes set a luxuriously decadent mood. We'll drink to that, darling! Photographed by Petra Collins. Fashion Editor Kate Young.

GARAGE Magazine

Obviously, Doctor, You've Never Been A Jenny Fax Girl

Jen-Fang Shueh of Tokyo label Jenny Fax makes clothes for your inner angsty teen. Photographed by Monika Mogi. Sittings Editor Jen-Fang Shueh.

Laia Garcia-Furtado