GARAGE Weekly Newsletter, September 4th



Fashion Horoscopes: The Signs As Kacey Musgraves Looks

You are all our golden hours!

Courtney Perkins

Sex Scenes: 'In the Mood for Love' Is A Classic Horny Movie

Consider it for your next Criterion Collection and chill.

Rachel Rabbit White

Sneak a Peek at Gucci x GARAGE's New Video Campaign

The short films premiered at the release of Gucci's new Ultrapace sneaker.

GARAGE Magazine

In Praise of Packing Like A Roman

Italian travel pro tip: BYO toothpaste.

Andrea Whittle

Is The Dark Underbelly of Female Friendship Officially A Genre?

Lauren Mechling's new novel 'How Could She?' and Whit Stillman’s 1998 film 'The Last Days of Disco' can be read as friendship guidebooks.

Tatum Dooley

Rachel Feinstein is Making Chatsworth House Even Dreamier

The works created by the artist during her Gucci-backed residency were unveiled this week.

Emma Specter

Do 'Call Me By Your Name' and Gwen Stefani’s 'Cool' Exist in the Same Universe?

Guadagnino definitely modeled his film’s summertime Italian dreamscape after the ‘Cool’ music video.

Eileen Cartter

How John Currin's Freaky-Ass Paintings Helped Me See Myself

There's a lot of power in unflinching female asymmetry.

Emma Specter

Inside Artist Elizabeth Hayt's Upper East Side 'Gilded Asylum'

Writer's block turned a former New York Post sex columnist into a veteran crafter.

Adam Robb

Selena Forrest, Lineisy Montero & Squad Are Giving Us "Black Cotillion"

This spring, fashion’s newcomers and heritage houses alike are throwing stuffy social codes to the wind and reimagining formal wear for a modern debutante.

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