Hedi Slimane

Garage Magazine Issue 16

How Hedi Slimane and Christian Marclay Created a Visual Sound For Celine

Tucked into Slimane’s explosive debut collection for Celine was a collaboration with artist Christian Marclay years in the making.
Haley Mellin
Fab Collabs

These Are the Juul Fashion Collaborations We Want and Deserve

Could be cuul.
Nick Remsen
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The Mother of ‘Messy’: A Look Back at Courtney Love’s ’90s Style

Courtney’s wardrobe is up for sale this week, prompting reflection on her fabulously tousled, pre-glow-up look circa Hole.
Emma Specter

Christian Marclay’s Collaboration with Hedi Slimane’s Celine: All the Details

The artist’s comic book imagery found its way into jackets, dresses, and accessories on the Celine runway.
Emma Specter
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Hedi Slimane’s Casting for the New Celine Was Its Biggest Problem

Slimane gave maximum Slimane, but the customers he’ll need to bring his vision to life weren’​t on the runway.
Rachel Tashjian
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Hedi Slimane Fully Roasted LA in His First Celine Interview

Et tu, Hedi?
Emma Specter

Hedi Slimane Photographs a New Class of Los Angeles Artists

LA is a mecca for creators seeking solitude, the perfect place to drop out and plug in at the same time. Photographed by Hedi Slimane.
Kevin McGarry

Hedi Slimane At Celine Will Bring Us the Energy the Fashion Industry is Missing

Plus: if Slimane is going to Céline, why is Karl Lagerfeld growing a Retirement Beard?
Rachel Tashjian