The Luka Files

Luka Sabbat on Capitalism and Trolling as an Artistic Medium

Luka and his Hot Mess partner Noah Dillon share the details on their latest project.
GARAGE Magazine
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fashion fan fiction

Drip For Me, Part I: Grail Me

In the first chapter of our fashion erotica, our ingenue meets an influencer whose grails light her on fire.
Jordan Barse

Zoodles—Now With a Piping Hot Side of Merch

Why are downtown restaurants like Sant Ambroeus and Cha Cha Matcha making Nikes and designer sunglasses?
Max Lakin
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Can Influencers Unionize?

Labor is driving for Lyft, stocking Amazon warehouses, writing or editing for a magazine—and taking pictures in #sponsored canopy beds.
Daisy Alioto
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Gov't Spokeswoman Brings #Influencer #Vibes to Discussion of Murdered Saudi Journalist

Secretary Mike Pompeo’s spokeswoman posted tone-deaf influencer-style photos from Saudi Arabia and Turkey.
Rachel Tashjian
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Lil Miquela Shows Us the Future of Fame

With the rise of AI personalities like Lil Miquela, who can be anyplace at any time, the future landscape of fame is here. So where do humans fit into it? Lil Miquela herself weighs in.
Nora Khan

Instagram Influencers Are the Barbie Dolls of Our Age

Barbie’s social media presence shows us how the average Instagram influencer’s values are eerily similar to the anachronistic doll’s.
Sarah Bochicchio

Is Being an Influencer a Kind of Performance Art?

London-based designer Berthold has partnered with artist Ed Fornieles to turn Instagram flexing into the ultimate performance.
Hettie Judah

Yeezy Season 6 is Selling Kim Kardashian

And everyone wants a piece.
Gabriella Karefa-Johnson