Actually, This Is Art

The Ephemeral Banality of the Clandestino Cheese Plate

My cheese plate, my self.
Sophie Kemp
Eileen Cartter
the internet

Why Funding the Future of Black Queer Digital Spaces Matters

Anonymous Instagram account @godimsuchadyke speaks with GARAGE about a new fund to support Black lesbian, queer, and trans content creators.
Olivia Lindsay Aylmer
the internet

The Life, Death, and Cashmere Rebirth of Instagram's Favorite Nude Man

Meet Horace. Dance with Horace. Be Free with Horace.
Pearse Anderson
the internet

Welcome to Patia's Fantasy World

The creator of the viral Master List of Resources on How to Dismantle Systemic Racism talks shitposting, activism, and being Black.
Ashley Tyner
the internet

On Baby Goats and the #SoothingContent Economy

When we need our spiritual timelines cleansed, can the aesthetic livestock of Instagram save us?
Eileen Cartter
the internet

Please Tell Me Something, Anything, About Myself

Instagram’s “Which ____ are you?” augmented reality filters offer fictional catharsis for depleted souls, yearning to be assessed.
Eileen Cartter
the internet

Logging On to See the Surreal Where It Isn’t

Why does scrolling on my phone feel even more… avant-garde than usual?
Eileen Cartter

The '2 Lizards' of the Apocalypse

A new web series by artist Meriem Bennani and filmmaker Orian Barki is a COVID-induced fever dream—and a welcome digital companion in these weird times.
Eileen Cartter
Who Are They?

Martina Cox's Curtain Call

The up-and-coming young designer reverses the gaze on to the viewer
Sophie Kemp
Who Are They?

Under Her Eye with Artist Polina Osipova

Meet the 21-year-old Instagram artist who’s bejewelling Russian folklore for the 21st century.
Eileen Cartter
the internet

Wanted: Anonymous Selfies

Behold @wrongeye4ever, the anti-instagram account that’s getting turned into a book.
Annie Armstrong
the internet

The Business of Knowing Who Wore What When ASAP

Ever wonder what your favorite celeb is wearing, how much it costs, and where you can get the same item for yourself? There's an Instagram account for that.
Evan Ross Katz