Japanese Artist Mr. Celebrated Anime Before It Went Mainstream

The artist, who got his start as an assistant to Takashi Murakami, takes his inspiration from the streets of Tokyo.
Nadja Sayej
Garage Magazine Issue 16

The Buddhist-Inspired Murakami Sculpture Behind Billie Eilish's GARAGE Cover

Takashi Murakami’s 2012 “Split” is a brilliant anomaly for an artist who otherwise says, “I’m utterly vulgar.”
Mark Guiducci
sex scenes

The Love Poems of Japan’s Heian Court Were the Original Thirst Texts

In this week's Sex Scenes, the ability to write poetry of beauty illustrated the external beauty of Heian-era writers.
Rachel Rabbit White

Snap Back to Fall With One of The Creepiest Anime Films Ever Made

Anime auteur Satoshi Kon’s 1997 debut film “Perfect Blue” is back in theaters.
Paige Katherine Bradley
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Momo Okabe's Tokyo Noir Photography Is as Sexy as It Is Unsettling

The eclectic shapes, color combinations, and all-over patterns of the Fall/Winter 2018 collections make perfect sense in Japan's chaotic capital. Photographed by Momo Okabe. Fashion Editor: Matt Holmes.
GARAGE Magazine
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

This Rei Kawakubo Disciple Wants to Dress You in Black

Kei Ninomiya, who began his career as a patternmaker at Comme des Garçons, has his own blossoming line under the brand’s banner. Photographed by Rinko Kawauchi. Fashion Editor: Matt Holmes.
W. David Marx

Anything Lewis Carroll Could Do Masaaki Yuasa Can Do Better

This surreal anime has underwear thieves, a psychedelic journey into the night to find a children’s book, and unreasonably powerful school festival organizers—what more could you want?
Paige Katherine Bradley

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian Are Bringing Scrunchy Socks Back

And it's working for us.
Ashley Tyner

Hiroshi Sugimoto Travels Back in Time in These Lush New Photographs

Hiroshi Sugimoto's new photographs at the Japan Society follow the route taken by four 16th-century teenagers to limn the overlapping histories of Europe and Japan.
Jean Dykstra

Takashi Murakami on Fukushima, Instagram, and his Custom Wardrobe

Takashi Murakami, master of the post-anime "superflat" aesthetic, has brought his older work into dialogue with some ambitious new projects, transforming the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow—and several other museums—into wild visual playpens.
Cedar Pasori