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What Will Justin Bieber's New Line of 'Natural Deodorant' Smell Like?

We have a few guesses.
Emma Specter
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Justin Bieber's Sweatpants Are, Quite Simply, Art

El Biebs was recently seen in a collaboration between Brain Dead and the Ray Johnson Estate.
Emma Specter
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A Taxonomy of Hype

You've heard of hypebeast—even hypepriest—but what about hypeyeast?
Emma Specter
Fit Tea

FIT TEA: Madonna Invented the New Age Celebrity

In the premiere episode of our podcast Fit Tea, we dissect Madonnas “Ray of Light” period, which ushered in the age of wellness and mysticism in Hollywood.
GARAGE Magazine
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If You Really Love Me, Say It With Merch

Hailey Baldwin, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian prove that branded apparel is the ultimate expression of celebrity devotion.
Emma Specter
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Justin Bieber Wore Jesus Sneakers to His Streetwear Church on Halloween

Holy shit.
Emma Specter
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Harmony Korine’s “The Beach Bum”: The Most Important Fashion Film of 2019

The trailer for Korine’s epic new Matthew McConaughey vehicle is finally here.
Rachel Tashjian
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Justin Bieber Is Saving New York Fashion Week

At John Elliott and Kith, Bieber shows us that fashion week is suddenly a lot more fun than it used to be.
Rachel Tashjian
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How Post Malone Dressed His Way Into America’s Sick Heart

Since there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, you may as well consume while looking sad about it.
Max Lakin
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A T-Shirt For People Ready to Move Beyond Lil Pump and His Gucci Gang

This Sun Ra t-shirt is for Harvard drop-outs who want total enlightenment.
Chris Black

A History of Festival Style—and How Beyoncé Just Changed It Forever

Festival dressing is about imaging a utopia that never can be. Beyoncé fantasizes about a world to come.
Rachel Tashjian

Mark Grotjahn & Alex Israel: In Conversation

The two artists discuss their shared affection for Justin Bieber and Instagram, as well as the information superhighways found in Grotjahn's work.
GARAGE Magazine