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Garage Magazine Issue 16

Takashi Murakami Is a Streetwear King!

GARAGE Issue 16’s cover artist is obsessed with his newest purchase, “the Margiela sneakers that look messily glued together.”
Emma Specter
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Kim and Kanye Are the First Couple of Fashion Scholarship

At the Versace show, the duo flaunted their status as #fashionnerds.
Rachel Tashjian

Why Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Are Hanging Out With Takashi Murakami

Can Kanye can do for the contemporary art world what he’s done for fashion and design?
Emma Specter
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If You Really Love Me, Say It With Merch

Hailey Baldwin, Beyoncé, and Kim Kardashian prove that branded apparel is the ultimate expression of celebrity devotion.
Emma Specter
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What Does It Mean To ‘Smell Rich’?

Kim Kardashian says Kanye West smells “like money,” but is that the whole story?
Emma Specter
Andy Warhol

Bob Colacello Thinks in 2018 Warhol Would Be ‘Dating Kim Kardashian’

Andy Warhol’s biographer sits down with GARAGE to discuss the artist’s legacy on the occasion of his Whitney exhibition.
Bob Colacello, as told to Mark Guiducci
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Is Kanye Trying to Turn the President of Uganda Into a Yeezy Stan?

“I thank Kanye for the gift of white sneakers,” tweeted Ugandan leader Yoweri Museveni.
Emma Specter
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

Lil Miquela Shows Us the Future of Fame

With the rise of AI personalities like Lil Miquela, who can be anyplace at any time, the future landscape of fame is here. So where do humans fit into it? Lil Miquela herself weighs in.
Nora Khan
GARAGE Magazine Issue 15

The Extraordinary and Terrifying World of “Deepfakes”

With the disturbing rise of new visual augmentation software, you can appear anywhere at any time doing anything, all without your consent. Can anyone remain untouched, or are we totally fucked? Photographed by Hannah Whitaker.
Sarah Nicole Prickett

Juergen Teller on the World Cup and Working with Kanye West

For the premiere episode of the GARAGE Podcast, we sat down with renowned photographer Juergen Teller.
GARAGE Magazine
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Should We Dress Like Kanye West, or Kim Kardashian?

In “Violent Crimes,” Kanye says he hopes his daughter dresses more like him than Kim. But what about Kim’s Vetements moment at the White House?
Rachel Tashjian
kanye west

The Erewhon Drip Report

Inspired by Kanye's tweet on “Erewhon drip,”​ we visited the LA grocery store and captured the style in real time.
Eliza Wallace