Does the World Need Tyra Banks's Modelland Theme Park?

Couldn't we just get a 'Life Size 3' instead?

Evan Ross Katz

Who Is the Weed Mom?

A natural extension of the Wine Mom, the Weed Mom parents—and accessorizes—with the help of THC.

Jaya Saxena

A History of the Fanny Pack, From Pre-History to Supreme to Paris Runways

The whole tale of fashion’s most divisive accessories.

Rachel Tashjian

Is This the First Historical Dick Pic?

Archaeologists in Turkey have discovered second century mosaics of “Narcissus enchanted with his own penis.”

Emma Specter

The Quest for Selfies Has Cost the Art World at Least $1.5 Million

Are selfies the enemy of art?

Emma Specter

Three Killer Spring Collections—and the Sociopaths Who Would Wear Them

Because serial killers have style, too.

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson

Inside the World of Designer Coffins

Specialized coffin designers reflect a desire for more personal touches in the afterlife.

Pippa Wysong

Fashion Horoscopes: The Signs as David Bowie Outfits

Obviously, Scorpio is represented by Bowie’s “Angel of Death” look.

Courtney Perkins

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: How Dental Care Went Luxury

From tortoiseshell toothbrushes with silk bristles to “marine bio-active” mouthwash, dental hygiene is going upscale in the age of high-end essentials.

Alex Ronan

Six Degrees of Separation: Mary Shelley to Mary-Kate Olsen

Featuring ghost stories, artistic nudes, and an appearance from David Bowie in metallic lipstick and a poet blouse.

GARAGE Magazine

Jonathan Cheban’s Gold Chicken Wings: Does He Just Want Approval from Martha Stewart?

The original food goddess asked who Cheban was two years ago, and we think he’s never gotten over it.

Erin Schwartz

My Brain Doesn’t Enjoy Music. Here Are Five Things I Can’t Stop Listening To.

Musical anhedonics don’t enjoy music the same way as everyone else, but it can make for delightfully weird listening habits.

Erin Schwartz