Exclusive: See Ryan McGinley's Photographs of a Kiss-In for LGBTQIA+ Rights

Activist group Voices4 staged an action at the Consulate of Uzbekistan in New York City to show solidarity with queer people facing government repression.

Adam Eli

These Games and Installations Transport You to War Zones

iNK Stories uses video games and immersive representation to provoke questions about ethical responsibility in real life and real time.

Jazia Hammoudi

This Mysterious Medieval Manuscript Looks Like a 15th-Century “Into the Gloss”

Deciphering the Voynich manuscript has obsessed cryptologists and amateur codebreakers for centuries, and the themes you can extract from its enigmatic illustrations are surprisingly contemporary.

Erin Schwartz

Data for Black Lives Is an Organization Using Analytics as a Tool for Social Change

The future-facing group applies information science to community building.

Rob Goyanes

The MTA and De Blasio's Electronic Ads Threaten New Yorkers with Visual Overload

Animated billboards and sponsored Wi-Fi stations are beginning to permeate New York, but their aesthetic is predictably corporate.

Sam Holleran

Why Every "Black Panther" Fan is Tweeting About This Wicker Chair

Fans have noticed similarities between a poster of Chadwick Boseman as the superheroic Black Panther and a 1967 portrait of Black Panthers co-founder Huey P. Newton. It's an important reference.

Erin Schwartz

Kanye West Relaxing Alone with Salad

Kanye chose a lazy Berlin weekend over the Grammys. Good for him!

Erin Schwartz

Google and the A.I. Gaze

The popular Google Arts & Culture app performs the feminized job of making people smile.

Jacqueline Feldman

The Millennial Paradox of Tide PODS

Accompanied by an original artwork​ from Chloe Wise, our generation's consummate painter of food, GARAGE undertakes an exploration of Tide PODS: why?

Erin Schwartz

A Santiago Drag Scene Parties Against Right-Wing Politics

For Chilean "transformistas," drag represents a dissenting voice against the wave of conservatism currently sweeping the nation.

Mathias Rosenzweig

Would Lady Bird Dress Like Joan Didion?

April Napier's costumes for Greta Gerwig's "Lady Bird" capture the emotional reality of early-aughts teenagerhood.

Erin Schwartz

The Futuristic Food We’ll Be Eating in 2018

From upscale gelatin to lab-grown meat, futuristic food is taking a campy turn.

Erin Schwartz